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Keep Waiting

Wrote: American Muslima Writer |

Oh Lebanon! Keep Waiting!
Oh Syria! Keep Waiting!
Oh Jordan! Keep Waiting!
Oh Afghanistan! Keep Waiting!
Oh Pakistan! Keep Waiting!
Oh Iran! Keep Waiting!
Oh Iraq! Keep Waiting!
Oh Saudi Arabia! Keep Waiting!
Oh Kuwait! Keep Waiting!
Oh Bahrain! Keep Waiting!
Oh United Arab Emirates! Keep Waiting!
Oh Qatar! Keep Waiting!
Oh Oman! Keep Waiting!
Oh Yemen! Keep Waiting!
Oh Nigeria! Keep Waiting!
Oh Egypt! Keep Waiting!
Oh Sudan! Keep Waiting!
Oh Mauritania! Keep Waiting!
Oh Turkey! Keep Waiting!
Oh Algeria! Keep Waiting!
Oh Morocco! Keep Waiting!
Oh Kazakhstan! Keep Waiting!
Oh Uzbekistan! Keep Waiting!
Oh Turkmenistan! Keep Waiting!
Oh Nations of the Prophets! Keep Waiting!
Oh Nations of the Books! Keep Waiting!
Oh Nations of High Morals! Keep Waiting!
Oh Nations of Wealth and Populations! Keep Waiting!

Keep waiting for Israel to find it's last "terrorist" Hamas leader
with his automatic rifle in one hand,
his green bandanna across his forehead,
suckling at his mother's breast.
Keep waiting for this infant militant to throw his ball
across the room and receive a grenade back from Israel.
Keep waiting for the numbers
to reach higher and higher.
Keep waiting with your blindfolds on
and your hearts locked in vaults.
Keep waiting while Israel clear out the foreigners
to prepare for the slaughter.

Ah, but they deserve it don't they?
Their babies blinked. Their children laughed.
Their youth kissed. Their mothers toiled.
Their fathers wept. Their elderly sighed.
Shameful deeds indeed.
So please keep waiting.
Israel is not done.

(c) Brandy A. Chase, 2009

10 intelligent thoughts:

Umm Travis said...

I really love your poetry sister. Ma shaa Allah. I have read a few of what you wrote and enjoy those most of all. Keep it up :)

iMuslimah said...


In my humble opinion, this is your best yet....

Beautiful, and powerful.

And so sad.

May Allah help them, Ameen.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, those thousands of missiles that Hamas has launched at Israel over the years could not be the explanation for the attacks, it must be what your poem says.

maryanndipity said...

As Salaam Alaikum, nice post MashaAllah. But then after a week or so it won't be on the news and then the rest of the world will forget about it until a few more hundred people die. People forget about Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Chechnya...and then Muslims forget about how other nations insult Islam and then they demonstrate for a little while and boycott their products for a little while.

The situation with Gaza was bad even before, no food, no gas, no medicines, they were blocked from leaving, etc, etc. But a majority of the world forgot. Then the killings started with the bombings and then everyone remembers again.

It is a sad situation. We can only make dua'a.

ipv6 said...

Those in the Middle East cannot macth the Israeli's most advanced weaponary plus the tactical support from the US.

But to win the battle in the city is not that easy, to win the battle without air support in this modern era warfare is tremendously difficult but of course not the Hizbullah case but either the Israel's army learn their lesson well is yet to be seem.

hijabee said...

That's a beautiful peice!

Yasmeen said...

Mashallah Impressive poetry sister.

Karen said...

Just remember... it takes 2 to Tango and Hamas ain't innocent either.

American Muslima Writer said...

Thanks Umm Travis!

iMulismah, High worsds of praise indeed...shhh they might go to my head lol j/k thanks insha'Allah this crime will stop soon.

maryanndipity: you're very right! we must CONTINUE to remeber those who are in need!

ipv6 true true...

Thanks Hijabee and Yasmeen

Karen, Hams may not be innocent and I never said he was completly innocent but the attrocities of war that Isreal plays and the HOLOCOUST Isreal is dealing out to the Palestinians makes Hamas look like Child's Play. It may take two to tango but when one is holding a stick and the other is holding a Weapon of Mass Destruction do you really think it's the tango?

American Muslima Writer said...

Anon why do you think Hamas is lauching Missles? You should review the reality of what Isreal has done to Palestine before commenting onto my blog again. Try news agencies other than CNN and your local news.... you know perhaps they don't show you the babies bodies torn apart. But we see it here. We see the reality sorry if you don't.

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