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Remove my Name Lisa

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I was happy to see new names I'd never come across before in my "Followers" List. There are new Muslimahs I've never come across and it's always nice to see more people from around the world. I've found some very wonderful non-Muslim bloggers too who make me laugh and who I can relate with. But Sadly I've had to add my first block.

But because of a commenter who reads my blog who reminded me nicely of proper adab(manners) in speaking to others I really felt shameful and removed my words because I've seen many times blog wars and fights and thought myself why didn't they take it offline it looks so bad.
So now Lisa if you're reading this feel free to e-mail me at and I will reply to your comment you left me before.
If you refuse to e-mail me well then I remain my block. If we sort this out perhaps we can come to an understanding.

The comment which saved us both is:

Salaam alaikum,
I'm an avid follower of your blog and check in every day to read your new posts.
I don’t usually like to comment.
I'm am quite shocked at what you posted and asking myself why couldn’t this dispute have been discussed in private.
I understand that your upset with Lisa because she has chosen a different path [ AMW note: this is not the entire reason I blocked her ] but isn’t it our job as Muslim sisters to help her back on track and give her support and guidance.Some of the first thing I learnt when I reverted were;
• If I committed a sis to keep it between myself and Allah, not to share it with people
• Not to judge or humiliate people
• To be kind and compassionate with everyone
• Not to talk bad about anyone because I will take their sins and they will take my ajar.

Maybe I am wrong! Now everyone who reads your blog knows about Lisa’s choices.Can we call it cyber bullying? Are you just as bad as her? Islamically are you correct? Why do you want Lisa to remove you from her blog role? Aren’t you trying to spread Islam.
At the end of the day its not really my business and that’s why I don’t usually comment. You may think I have taken sides but these are the comments that came to mind at the time of reading your post.
I am not judging either of you but when discussing an argument you have to include all points – I cant even look at Lisas or Hijabees posts and comments because you have not included links or screen shots
You don’t have to answer to my comments or post them, they are something I was thinking about.
Yours Sincerely,Kadaya
I have posted anonymously because I don’t have blogger ID, let me know if you want my email or mobile number I would be more than happy to forward it to you.

Kadaya, Salam and thank you for reminding me of good adab. Though if you wanna get technical you should have e-mailed me this if you felt privacy was best between sisters with problems. I agree though and so thus the post has been changed. I didn't feel I should remove the whole thing but I edited so that my problem with her was not stated.
Salam and I'm happy to hear that someone reads me everyday heh I thought I was just talking to myself sometimes.

3 intelligent thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Salaams BC,

As you know I have had my share of online fitnahs. I must say whoever advised you on the adab is a wonderful sister. Kadaya-JazakAllahu khair for I was going to remind of the same when I read this.

I know it sounds so cliche' but can't we all just get along. This life has enough trials and tibulatations lets not add more than our promised share.

I know you Brandy personally and you are a wonderful wife, mother, and dear sister to me and I couldn't personally see you causing problems. If you blocked someone I am sure you thought about it and had good reason to do so.

I don't know sister Lisa( unless it is well- the only blogging Lisa in Qatar....and if it is her I would like to know how she's doing)

We are all of one ummah and should act accordingly towards one another. We have more than enough problems and issus and our community that need more attention to.

Dont let shaytan creep into our hearts..

Can we kiss and make up

I love you all ( oh, i love everything...pregnancy has made me unordinarily love )

..........on another note...

BC I have a free day 2marrow are the numbers I have fo you still good? When is the best tme to call you? And you are 8 hours ahead right? lot of questions I know

luv ya BC


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lisa said...

American Muslima Writer,

I emailed you. Feel free to reply at or

I haven't been to your blog in a few days and so I wasn't sure if I missed something. Did you post and remove something? I'm sorry I'm a little out of it Brandy, and I'd love to talk with you anytime. I'm starting to see that I've been wrong about you and I'm sorry it's gone this far. I love your strong deen and look forward to hearing from you. Let me know if you requested that I remove you from my blogroll. I really didn't know that this is what you asked. Again perhaps I missed a post?

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