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The Candy Pirate

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A well known company...hmm I dare say a company that has it's name on nearly all our blogs is PLOTTING! Google, ah yes, good old google with it's fabulous pictures and search engines is really undermining the worlds copyrights. He's like a pirate out to steal as much candy and not get caught....ah but some one has caught him and is suing his criminal bum. Further more a dear Muslimah sister of ours has taken months of painful research to go through the legalese to make it known to us what exactly is going on under the Google Table.

For those who dread the thought of reading legal stuff and going thought the mind-dulling blah blah, Sister Linda D. Delgado has made a fun and informative story called The Candy Pirate. And yes it's FREE. Here is the website to get it. I have read through it and found it informative. We all should be outraged at Google trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

"I'm soo busy I have no time to read a whole story to figure out what's going on." I hear you say, honestly I said that too at first. But after I've thought more and more about it the more I realize how important this is for all of us not just writers.

There are clear instructions on how to Opt Out of Google's Piracy on the website (near the bottom). Sure it may seem like a lot of envelope licking at first but just think. Haven't you wanted to make a difference for a lot of people. How do you know your letter wont be the one that tips the scale in the Judge's decision to decide Google has been a naughty boy.
Authors, Publishers, and people who aren't afraid to stand up and say "That's Wrong!" have already been sending in their letters but it's not enough. You know how big Google is. You know how much Money they have. We need more people to stand strong against the tide of injustice. We need our letters to be physical sandbags in their floodwater.
If you're with me then proceed to : Opt Out Now (

May Allah reward you.

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