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Since Aalia from Chasing Jannah and I both like Pirates I had to smuggle the tag from her since I wasn't properly tagged by anyone. ARGGGG!!!!!!

10 Thing About Me

1. I love to Opera sing. I used to be in Choir in High School and had a range of 4 Octaves. Now sadly from lack of extensive use my octaves have dwindled to like about 3. I can't be sure because I haven't been near a piano in ages but those higher notes are getting harder to hit without a warm-up. I'm sure my neighbors can hear through the flimsy walls but it doesn't bother me much. I put up with their noises they can put up with mine. In Lebanon I used to keep my balcony doors open and be Opera singing at the top of my massive lungs. Then one day I heard the neighbors kids mocking me. I admit I felt embarrassed but then later when I knew them better they liked me and I only Sang when their father and brothers were out of the house.
2. In conjunction to #1: I AM LOUD. Really. Not only am I used to Opera singing but if someone is across the room and I NEED to get their attention and there is no way to run up to them I just go "HEY! MARYAM! SALAM!". Or if my kids are at the mall misbehaving by running further than they should in front of me I'm like "Girlie! You get back here!" Or i just bellow her name. Sure people look but sometimes I wonder if they are looking at the sound or they are surprised this American Accent is booming out of my hijab. Oddly enough in USA no one really notices there. Although I'm loud even for an American. One of the things Niqab teaches me is to lower my voice. Cause when I laugh Ohh man the room hears it! It was odd the first few times i was wearing Niqab in the streets and someone would tell me something funny and I'd crack up laughing and everyone turns and stares at me..... LMAO.....Whoops!
3. I'm F-L-E-X-I-B-L-E ..... I was in Gymnastics as a kid and always do my stretching exercises to maintain my flexy. Sadly when I had two herniated (bulging) disks in my back and I couldn't walk for a while I lost a lot of free movement and it sucked. But I've been slowly working on it and it's almost better. I guess I don't look like I'm so bendy but I've seen a surprised eyebrow or two in the gym lol. I hope I can still be so flexy when I'm an old lady.
4. I looooove DARK CHOCOLATE! Ohh man! The darker the better. If there is a selection of White choc, milky choc, and dark choc I'm all over the third. Ever need to get me a present?!?! Dark Chocolate Baby.
4. To-do lists run my life. I'd be soo lost without them. I'm always making them. usually on a white-board so I don't waste paper. I normally take more time to make my lists than i do to do whats on ok well not that much time but I do love to write them. I even make little check boxes.
5. I can Self-Defend: I can do basic sword fighting. When I was in a Renaissance group in Tucson I was taught the basics and have practiced at home a lot. Wish I could still do some real stuff but sadly I can't afford a real Rapier or sword. I used to have a where did I put that?
Also i can shoot a gun. Oh my Daddy taught me well. We used to take Barney target pictures and go shoot them. Lots of fun but I think in the future we'll use something different cause that might traumatise my kids....
6. I really wish I could build my own Masjid. I mean by this, I wish I can build a masjid for others to pray in and take care of it. Masha'Allah a simple yet beautiful one.
7. My favorite Juice is this new Pineapple Coconut Juice they have here in UAE. Ohhh man it's delicious. If you get it and invite me over I will be sooo happy. And I will sit there praising the fine selection of juice you made a dozen times as I sip it down. Hehehehe. I always loved the flavor of Pin'a~Colada.
8. I am an artist. I used to draw people but since Islam I've cut it down to just nature, which was always my best talent. I really love flowers and gardens the best. Each leaf is so unique that it never gets boring to draw leaf after leaf. SubhanAllah. I love designing new things like fountains and structures that combine elements of hard structure, moving structure like water or sand, and light play.
9. I collect mini tea sets the size of your Palm. I have many already and sometimes if I meet someone really special I will give them a tea set to remember me by. They are so cute and sooo small that you can collect many!

10. I can't resist checking out beautiful glassware. Anything to do with glass and crystals. If I'm at your house eagerly checking out your china cabinet don't be offended. I just can't resist! I find the sparklyness and cut entrancing and the shape and flow of the object amazing.

And that's me, few things widely un-known about me.

4 intelligent thoughts:

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

Talking about little mini tea sets. Have you ever seen the little brass ones with an Arabic coffee pot (dallah?) and Arabic coffee cups? Do you know where I can order a set online?

hijabee said...

Interesting! Lol, you learn a lot about poeple with these memes. I could've never imagined you as being LOUD or someone who can shoot a gun lol.

American Muslima Writer said...

Saf, I do know them lol I used to have a set but then i gave it to my Canadian friend when she left to remeber me and her trip to Arabia by. But As i get most my tea sets from thrift stores/yard sales/ etc.. I don't know where you might find a set. Try e-bay? Google it maybe? Glad you like them too!!!

Hehehe Hijabee,
yup this hijab is loaded ;)

Anonymous said...

asalamualaikum sis!
im hal786, a hijabi blogger in england
plz check out my blog and leave a reward there!

i was lookin thru ur posts and lol the thing that caught me most was that u like the coconut+pineapple drink, lol dnt get me wrong i agree with ur other posts too, i luv them what ur thoughts on islam n everyfin r but i jus had to comment n tel u that i luv that drink too!!lol

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