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The New Holocaust

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America declared Never again would we turn a blind eye to injustice and massacre.
Ha! Looks like hypocrisy has again reared its ugly head.
These pictures I received through e-mail forwarding must been seen worldwide.
The images speak for themselves but in case anyone is confused:
The Jews being persecute by Nazis are on the left and on the right those who were persecuted have now become the Nazis towards the Palestinians. Sad and pathetic how history has indeed repeated itself. Why America fought against the Nazis yet refused to acknowledge Israeli's Nazi attitude toward the Palestinians? Only time will tell if the world really cares about injustice.

Scary huh? Let me also add, I have been to D.C. and saw the Holocaust Memorial Center there. My heart ached for those people that needlessly died. I saw the furnaces that burned bodies of people like you and me. I saw their abandoned shoes, no longer needed. I saw the experiments done to these poor people. I have personally spoke to Holocaust survivors over the years. I used to visit weekly this Polish Woman who would tell me her fear as a child for the Nazi soldiers. How they took away her family. She hid up a tree while soldiers passed below with a few other people. How she lost her beloved sister. Now again I'm seeing on the news the same images but a whole new Holocaust. Bombs that send out burning material that is illegal from the world agreement that eats through flesh until it hits bone. Houses demolished with a push of a button. Children murdered and orphaned. Abandoned toys and shoes, no longer needed. Experimental warfare lighting up the skies of Palestine. Families literally torn apart, half if not all gone.
Who will stand up for justice and defeat these Nazis this time?
Hello... anyone?

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Lisa said...

American Muslima Writer,

I respect what your doing but disagree that putting pictures up of blood and gore appeals to the hearts of American and Israeli readers. We want to hear the stories of those who died instead.

In the words of a Jewish friend:

This abuse of history is so sick and twisted. Whatever one's opinion on the Gaza conflict, there is no comparison between the systematic campaign and extermination and annihilation waged by the Nazis against the Jews and a military struggle between a sovereign nation and terrorists. It is an insult to the victims of the Holocaust to equate them with civilians killed unintentionally in the cross-fires of battle.

American Muslima Writer said...

"...putting pictures up of blood and gore appeals to the hearts of American and Israeli readers. We want to hear the stories of those who died instead."

Well I'm not putting it JUST for these poeple I'm putting it for the whole world to see because there is a whole world besides USA and Israel. Pictures are stories of those who died, how do you think they died? Peacefully? There are many stories but no one is listening to them and reading them. SO I thought Pictures can say in an instant what words cannot.

Your Jewish friend's blog is full of Zionistic beliefs and I have just gone to it and read the ,in my opinion, rediculous words he spouts in favor of what Israel has done. But to my utter amazement you chide me for blood and gore but what is his top picture of? I don't think that is friendly red paint. And remeber it is Not MY blood and gore images but actaul life. I'm sorry truely that AMerica is so sheltered from reality news that when shown to them they turn a blind eye. I'm sure Movies of fake blood and gore have desensitized some from feeling true abhorance for reality.

"No comparison, and abuse of history" I don't know what rose-colored lens he's looking through but mine is crystal clear. I can clearly see above in the pictures how the two are extremely related. That's THE WHOLE POINT OF THE PICS. It is quite obvious from the pictures that Israel is doing exactly what the Nazis did to them previously. Perhaps you should take a second closer look for yourself than quoting other people.

"It is an insult to the victims of the Holocaust to equate them with civilians killed unintentionally in the cross-fires of battle."

Where is the un-intenetional? Weapons of Mass Destruction with PROUDLY PROCLAIMED PRISISION HITTING CAPABILITIES, somehow missing again and again actaul military targets and killing hundreds of children and women. Of the more than 1000 poeple killed in less than a month, 1/3 was children that is over 300. So please continue to quote someone who backs Zionist Baby Killers.

And just so everyone knows, I do not believe in that BULLCRAP that Israel and USA spouts "We have a right to defend ourselves from terrorist Hamas."
EXCUSE ME! But umm who is defending itself from whom? I believe it was a Palestinial State that was taken over by Israel and has had it's borders systematically pushed back despite international disproval, until there is almost nothing left. I'd say Israel is in the position of Offence and it's Palestine who has the claim to DEFENCE.

Lisa said...

American Muslima Writer,

I completely and utterly respect what your trying to do Brandy. I really do. I mean you no harm whatsoever. And I understand why your putting up the blood and gore of this crisis because your correct in saying that no one is listening to the stories.

Trust me Brandy, there are people who want to be on your side that are Christian and Jewish. I for one really like you.

I'm just saying that Brandy, you know as a former American Christian what inspires us and resonates. It is not the pictorials! I mean that a thousand times over. The voices you remember from the Holocaust were the Mengele Twins, the Sophie's Choice mother, and Oscar Schindler. Not the pictures. I'm sure of that.

The pictures of the Holocaust were in black and white, thank God. While troubling, there was a story behind everyone one of those Jews. I'm just saying you should tell us that story.

I know it's not just about Israel and America Brandy. But, these are the only two nations that can change the situation. Once we accept that, we realize this must be our focus-to change the heart and minds of those citizens. As Christians, while I don't speak for everyone, I know that many really, really respect Holocaust victims and survivors. We want to respect you too.

This is not at all what the Holocaust was about. I didn't get a history degree for nothing. Remember Hezbollah and that war in Leabanon Brandy? I bet you were there.

That was almost exactly the same thing happening today with Hamas. A terrorist group hijacked you guys and allowed you to be collateral damage. Then big, bad Israel swooped in and "educated" Hezbollah so that Israel could be secure and you guys could continue to be alive. And now Hezbollah in general has learned their lesson and is leaving well enough alone.

Israel hopes that they can similarly "educate" Hamas and end their reign of terror. This is NOTHING like the Fascist Holocaust where an entire generation was killed simply because they were Jews. I don't know how it is in the UAE, but here most people don't think of Israel as fascist in the way Hitler was. That designation is unfortunately reserved for terrorists of another religion.

I agree that to equate this with the Holocaust is wrong and that's not just because I agree with Bar Kochba. I actually just "met" him through Safiyyah and find that his blog provides an education on the other side. Nothing more.

In my opinion, you shouldn't put up pictures of Holocaust victims whose survivors were given Israel as a token gesture, and then be angry about the Palestinians losing their state to them. It is a dishonor to these victims memories to use their photos and then be against their surviving relatives.

I know I've been rambling on Brandy, but really this is what I want to say. I can see that your trying Brandy. But, right now your just preaching to the choir(the hijab/Islam blogs.)

You can do so much sister in this world, perhaps even bring a non-believer to Islam. I'm just trying to show you how you can appeal to that mindset. I think you'll be so surprised by the difference you could make.

I really didn't mean to pick on you here. There are plenty of other Sisters who have shared their pictorials and also wrote about big, bad Israel. Halal Honey just wrote about a sister who blogged about wanting to go to jail rather than pay taxes to aid Israel.

I just wrote to you because you are sincerely smart and I knew you'd have a brilliant argument. Take care. Hugs!

khadija said...

Assalamu alaikum,
Stirring pictures. But the world remains silent on Gaza because they are just a bunch of Arabs. Have you ever read the propaganda material published by the Israeli governement about our brothers and sisters in Filisteen?
The only thing I am worried about in regard to posting pictures is that it may create some sympathy for the Jews.
We should never feel sympathy for the enemies of Allah and his Messenger. Doesnt mean that we should act uncivil, but remember who they are!

Lisa said...

Yes, that's the exact point. You are creating sympathy for the Jews by using their Holocaust pictures. Also, when the Holocaust was going on, many people turned a blind eye to it. It's taken almost 60 years to appreciate it fully. I think that eventually history and society will look more at what happened to Palestinians. Time is needed.

Khadijah, I completely disagree about not showing sympathy to the enemies of Allah. They are the ones with the power and as I always say, Israel may be a big, bad bully but their smart enough to fake friendship with the Christian world. And in many cases, it's actually sincere.

Also, not showing sympathy to the non-Muslim expresses an Islamic sentiment that Allah fearing Muslims should try to avoid. People of The Book was in the Qur'an for a reason. I thought.

always in the kitchen said...

Thank you for the pictures,the comparisons are undeniable.The Nazis would be proud.The oppressed have become oppressors.
The difference between the pictures is there were actually refugees in WW2.These folks CAN"T LEAVE!No where to run when the bombs are falling.Is it that hard to understand how criminal that is?
The Palestinian people have had their land systematically taken from them since they were pushed off of it with the creation of the Palestinian state in 1948.

The U.S. is funding this intolerant Zionist police state to the tune of 10 million dollars a day.

More than people,each of those souls in those pictures has a name,family,home and a life.Before you go spouting propaganda and misinformation go here:
Say a prayer for these people,make an effort to comprehend the crimes being committed.and decide to work for an end to this insanity.

Ilka said...

Genocide, that is exactly what is happening to Palestinians. It is the pictorials, as a someone stated, that tell the story. Seeing Palestinians children lying dead after being burnt by these bombs tells me that Israel will kill whomever to get their their target....I mean, they're Muslim Arabs.

I believe that Israelis are truly evil. They want the land and to have they must wipe out the Palestinians. If you can bomb civilians and shoot at children, you are pure question about it. And what abuse of history?! It is what it is....Palestinians being murdered because they are Palestinian.

Thank you Brandy for showing these pics although I do not like to look at such gore, but this is what's happening.

Kara said...

This is really difficult to look at... sad and horrific. But please don't forget the bombs from Hamas and the suicide bombers.

I am not speaking from the side of Israel, frankly I am not a fan of that country, but it does exist and will continue to exist.

But until everyone can learn tolerance... especially when it comes to religion because lets face it, religion causes more problems than anything else.

Michelle said...

Khadija: While I understand you're anger, saying "We should never feel sympathy for the enemies of Allah and his Messenger." is a bit extreme. When Muslims have attitudes like that, they must remember that there are other religions (Jews, Christians, etc) that are JUST AS convinced that they should not feel sympathy for you because to them, YOU are the enemy. Their texts are just as sacred to them, their prophets just as, if not more, credible, and they're people just as valuable. IMHO this is part of why we have such a stalemate in this war.

Erica Aisha said...

Assallam Alaikum, and hello all,

A very concise thinking non-Muslim friend of mine showed me these the other night at work. He and I were talking about the last 5 weeks while I was gone to UAE (btw sister, we were SO ridiculously busy... quite sorry we couldn't meet up. I have intentions to visit Al-Ain to study again InshaAllah wherein I would have more time for studying and meeting friends)
My friend showed me this email because he agreed. Now, I live in the Pacific Northwest on the Left Coast (West Coast) as we call it; because we're a generally liberal region. I have felt for quite a while that the conflict with Israel and Palestine smack of the "history repeats itself" fact. Even friends of mine who are Israeli and even IDF special Ops do not agree with this action. It was an unfair fight and it really targeted a people who have been starved, sanctioned and kept behind barbed wire. Yes, it is not EXACTLY like the holocaust, it is however sadly reflecting many similarities. These pictures surely quantify it sufficiently.
It was totally different watching the news in a Muslim country over this conflict. AlJazeera and AlIslamiya presented the gory and tragic true pictures that jiust don't make US news. There is an obvious bias in both places. It was nice to be in a place where I did not feel that people would try and call me an anti-semite for being so angry and saddened at the injustice dealt to the Palestinian people.
Yet, the Arab world does nothing as well.
We all sit around in our comfortable homes and villas safe while the Palestinian people were bombed with burning white phosphorous. While tanks drove through their neighborhoods, hospitals without electricity overflowed with injured.
Sadly the whole world is really a cesspool of this kind of violence. The Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, Cambodia, Myanmar... the list goes on.
May G-d, Allah the All Knowing Al-Alim guide us to be among those who do not ignore the suffering in the world.
Jews are not our enemies, the Quran calls them otherwise. It is not a matter of anti-semetism (a ridiculous matter since Arabs are semites too). It is a matter of being angered over social injustice and genocide.
Thanks for the sombering pictures. If a picture says a thousand words, these pictures cry a million tears.
Meskina Gaza, May Allah give them strength to endure, love to exist and forgive.
erica aisha

Lisa said...

American Muslima Writer,

I just saw your blogroll of Muslim sisters and was quite impressed with your desire to help them be more happy. This is a form of da'wah that is beautiful.

Now I wish you will extend an olive branch to non-Muslims too. Always in The Kitchen, this is a great start to that. Thanks for showing the stories of these poor, precious people.

While it's true these people can't run, they can and should waive their support for Hamas. Then they won't be collateral damage because Israel will see no need to end Hamas reign of terror with children in the way. It scares me that any peace initiative apparently must include a terrorist organization like Hamas. Together, Israel and Hamas are equally responsible for these atrocities.

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