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Catch Me If You Dare

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Browsing Amazon for Books about Muslims (and Muslim Women at that) I came across this rare gem recently published.  It's a Mystery Novel. Catch Me If You Dare. Check out the info about it.  What struck me is the cover the most.  I'm a sucker for all things red! As it's my favorite color. But I loved how the Title is inside the Hourglass instead of on top as most titles are.  It's making a good statement. Also following the website for it they offer a discount ebook coupon (link under header). NICE!

Here is brief synopsis: For the full version click on the site.

"The elusive Scarf Killer has struck three times. Post-it notes ’3 of 10′, ’4 of 10′ and ‘5 of 10’ have been found on the bodies of murdered and mutilated Muslim women. Phoenix PD task force cannot find a motive, or the first two victims. The killer leaves little evidence for forensics. The investigation is further hampered by the distrust of the Muslim community. With five more murders threatened, the PPD requests help from the FBI. The FBI sends Rainey Walker, their anthropology consultant and nationally recognized police sketch artist...... After receiving the killer’s blood smeared message, “Catch me if you dare”, Rainey knows time is running out for the next victim.

OOOOhhhhh *chills* sounds like a good books to curl up with! Just be sure to lock your door first ;)

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Heather said...

I couldn't read that. I'd scare myself and be jumping at the smallest sounds. Especially at night. Even with the door locked. ^_^

Clever Foxy said...

oh my God, Brandy!!!!! To me, this doesn't sound like a book I would like to curl up with... But people are different, I know I know...

Ayaah said...

I'd love to read this book! The blurb sounds fantastic, subhan'Allah.

I love writing :) and I've read the anthology -One Faith Many Voices 11;- some of the stories were really touching,others were funny, and some were just there to remind you about Islam.

Insha'Allah I'll get published one day... but first I've got to finish what I'm writing! Poetry, ficiton, non-fiction... I want to use the power of writing to give dawah to the Western world, and remind Musims about who they are, and how they're meant to live their lives...

Make duaa for me ukhti :)

Anonymous said...


I can agree with all 3 commenters though.

@ Heather: I know what you mean it took me several years of living in the Middle East to get rid of that jump at every sound fear I had in the USA.

@ Clever: Yeah its not a book you would curl up to, more of a sit up in your chair and hold on!

@ Ayaah: May Allah Bless you in your writings! I have a daughter named Ayah who loves writing too! The best writing you can do is dawa to the western world, Allah ya wafiik yarubb!

If this book were available at a certain nearby bookstore I of course would have to buy it.Im just curious like that.


Ms.Unique said...

Assalamualikum, Brandy,

Hope U and Ur fam doing f9.

I know it's been soooooooo long since I visited last, just caught up in the snares of life.

Anyways Alhamdulillah I'm back to blogging.

Man, this sounds sooooo fabulous. I'm addicted to and loveeeeeee mystery, suspence, detective, forensic, etc. I read the description @ the site, I'm so earger to get hold of this book, Insha Allah.

Anyways U take care.

PS: Did U read my short story on FB?

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