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In an age where Muslims have to keep their heads down and their political views under wraps sometimes we read news pieces that just make up pick up our heads a little bit and find a way to talk more about things that interest us.

I just read this news report on "Between Two Worlds" about Israel gearing up to go to war with Lebanon/Syria/Iran THIS SUMMER! Possibly backed by US forces.

Oh how my heart clenches and how Terror strikes fear deep in my gut. My beautiful "home away from home" of Lebanon, a land of rich culture, beautiful scenery from shore to mountain top. My piece of the Mediterranean. Ready once again to be blasted. To have thousands of civilians killed on our side while if ONE civilian is killed on THEIR side, it is a crime most heinous. I don't want this report to come true, yet I'm seeing the pieces fall into place already.

I am writing a novel featuring UAE-Iranian Political matters, a work of Fiction, yet based on my observations of real life. I closely follow the Politics of the region and have my personal speculations about how things will turn with certain rising powers. But I try to keep all that off blogland for the safety of my family.

But I'm really wondering with this possible war: Will US really be involved in another Middle East War? Will Barak really blah blah blah the political jargon needed to appease American's minds that killing innocent civilians is good for their interests.  Will Lebanon's Army be brave enough and strong enough to actually retaliate against Israel? Or will it be up to Hezbollah to save their bottoms again.

How quickly at the end of 2006 War (which i was there for some of it, and the rest, there in heart) they praised Hezbollah and called them their savior. Then when things settle back down into internal politics they are once again a threat to peace.  I'm not sure Lebanon can have it both ways. They want Hezbollah to be strong to save them in case Israel wants to play war games, but they don't want it to be strong fearing the Western Powers wont let them rise up.  For USA, Lebanon is it's ally and foe.

I really don't want to see another War this summer. I have family and friends there and I don't want to see harmed. I don't want their life thrown into chaos. Forced to run away if they are expats or hide out in unbombed territories. Lebanon has been gaining in it's economy and the lives of the citizens has slowly been improving. Another War could really set that back.

 One of my neighbors once said "Hariri will never let War touch Lebanon again." Overly optimistic? Or right on the button?  I guess only time will tell and the fate of Lebanon is up to Allah.  May He protect these nations from more War.

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Shazril Shaedi said...

Oh my god...May ALLAH SWT...will help...muslim there in Lebanon,Syria,Palestine and other Muslim Country..I hope the war will not be done.I HAVE A BIG Feeling that if Israel used it forces to strike ...there will be much more dead muslim...because all the muslim not have weopen to fight and they are to small to fight a country with a big state with US back up it.

One of Life line for Gaza ship....have departure from malaysia and on the way to Gaza....i hope the ship full loaded with , food,blanket,medicine , water and other usefull things for muslim there will safe...

I pray Allah will help muslim...but i know that all the muslim that die because of israel weopen / US...will go to beautiful heaven...


Anonymous said...

I do not believe that the US will be participating in any war against Lebanon this summer or in the future.

I hope we can trust that the government of Lebanon will take control of there own country. That means keeping the peace among their own people and not allowing anyone to lob bombs across the border into other countries.

I hope we can trust that Israel will stay on their own side of the border and leave Lebanon alone.

shazril said...

Take this url link and you will know.But you must see the lecture episode 1 until 9 in youtube.ok.

I hope you will see it.

shazril said...

I trust the Quran and hadits..Israel with the help of America will take control the day.

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