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I'm in literary agony! I just spent the last five days so in depth in this book
"Rhapsody" by Elizabeth Haydon and now it is over sadly a few minutes ago. Rhapsody is part of a trilogy, which I didn't know when I started it. The book was so beautifully written you just couldn't hardly put it down. It warns you in the beginning through a quote of a reviewer to prepare to put your children and homes on the neglected list because you're about to enter a ride you wont want to get off of. I just loved this book and Elizabeth Haydon has gotten herself a new fan. I've stared at the cover for so long weighing to read it next or not and always chose other novels before it. Finally I grabbed it up and dedicated myself to it's loving words. It has Romance, Action, Drama, Mystery, Religion, and a huge heap of Fantasy. It's based upon music and having come from a very musical background the book spoke to me. The Prologue, in her book known as the Overture, stays in your mind throughout the whole book aching for it to be solved and come full circle. I cheered the three main characters though Time and agony waiting for this to fall into place. I became extremely anxious when I could feel the left side of the book becoming thinner in my hand as I neared the end and still no conclusions were being formed to my unasked questions. Then with a sudden twist with almost 25 pages to go there was an AHA! moment and my mind was partially laid to rest. But then of course she re-twisted it and then BAM it was done. I was left staring at a page and a half of blank paper screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! It can't be over! I have to find the next book in the series! Here we go again Harry Potter Style of waiting for the next book in agony not knowing what will become of these beloved characters. Apparently it being a Trilogy (and I just found out there are a total of 8 including this trilogy) though I'm forewarned that the second book will be as tantalizingly long and mysterious and I'll be left hanging at the end for the third until with THAT end I'll have peace of mind and heart.
But yes it's worth it. As with Harry Potter, the wait IS worth it (though I was kinda off-put with Rowling's ending I didn't feel in my heart there had been enough justice done and heart fulfilled but I did like it).
The religious aspect is understandable for the characters but I felt a distaste for many paragraphs describing the beginnings of their world and many uses of "the All-God" and "the Gods ...of Evil, of Benevolence...etc" Rhapsody, the main female character, personally is more Druid minded. A friend of mine taught me about Druidism growing up and though our beliefs differ greatly I could feel more of what Rhapsody meant because of my knowledge about people that believe Trees and Objects have powers and sometimes even "god-like status". As a Muslim I hated these written words. As a reader of Fantasy and Sci-Fi I understand the need to separate in our minds, our personal beliefs, then that of the character and possibly the writer. I myself have characters in my stories that are of different faiths than me and I whole-heartedly disagree with them. It just struck a chord of disgust in me when Rhapsody was wrinkling her nose at another character's belief system and describing her dislike in what the other person says to the point you almost find your heart following her distaste as reality, until you have to check yourself and go, no wait, I don't like what she believes so I'm going to just move on with the story and not take it to heart. Other than that I did love this book and give it the SOMA -Seal Of My Approval- award. But I AM in agony because I want the next book "Prophecy" NOW! :(

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