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Slim Down Your Home

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Abu Sinan-Sayf reminded me with this post how much I love reading about how people feel more free after they have tossed out old junk. It's like putting your house on a diet for a more healthier lifestyle.
Not only you have to watch what new things you feed your house (bringing in stuff) but you have to exercise your house to burn calories. Well actually YOU'RE burning the calories by carting out that junk!
There are a lot of great places to get money for your goodies and of course it's always acceptable to do this especially if it cost you a lot to gain the product. But sometimes because of emotional attachment we don't throw stuff we should. This is akin to a fat person NOT dieting because they are comfortable in their skin and are afraid of change. But to move on to better things in our lives and to be more healthy for sure we must get rid of even the emotional things that are really not usefully everyday. Just keep the bare minimum of mementos if you MUST. Like one baby dress and booties for each child. Scan important art and papers into your computer to keep on a skinny little CD file I guarantee it takes less space that way.
But back to getting rid of things. Abu Sinan-Sayf mentioned E-Bay and many commented that they just gave stuff away and I want to reiterate this fact that it IS a form of Charity to do so. Sure you may get $500 for that sofa set but I promise you there are poor peope who would kiss your feet if you gave it to them for free. They'll keep it lovingly until it's in tatters and they are forced to BUY something new which will probably take over 10 years for most families. You have let a family be happier than they would have been for a WHOLE 10 YEARS! Powerful Charity right there. Donate your CDs to friends, Blankets and clothes to relatives or shelters.
In UAE all my donations of clothes go first to my neighbors then if I feel they wouldn't need it I send it with my husband to doll it out between the poor Indian and Pakistani workers in the workshop he visits. So then they take it home on their vacations to their families and children. The toys I give to them are ones in good shape that my kids are bored with or haven't played with in over a month. Other kids would be happier with them. or sometimes you just get too many of those annoying happy meal toys and have to do a sweep-out.
So even if you are in the C/D/F scale of poverty you can still do powerful charity. They feel good, you feel good and your house will look awesome slimmed down and roomier!

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Amina said...

Eid Mubarak!

May Allah bless you with happiness, love and peace.

Safiyyah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum Dear:

Alhamdulillah! I love to "spring clean" !!!

As you know, we moved and I still have boxes to unpack. In a way it's fun to "discover" stuff I forgot I had when I packed it, but at other times, I feel like taking a HUGE garbage bag upstairs and just throwing it all in.

I, too, like to give the stuff away.

Love you,

Laila Hussein said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. My house has recently lost some weight and I feel so happy about it. I hope I always do this regularly in the future in shaa Allah.

American Muslima Writer said...

Amina, E'id Mubarak to you too dear!

Saf: Hehehe I know how you feel totally and I DID do that take a garbage bag and toss everything and it FEELS GREAT! so do it!~
*chants and bangs fists on table*
Woooo Hoooooo!!!!!

Lol the discovery IS so much fun and if I don't have a friend helping me I can get lost in my memories and never get around to actaully doing stuff with my stuff lol. But the worst part of cleaning it out is getting rid of the guilt for having taken the time to pack it lovingly and paid for it to be shipped all so you can rummage through it later and throw 3/4ths away.... but ignore the guilt and do it :D

American Muslima Writer said...

Laila, great for you!!! Yes this does have to be done regularly sad to say as we fall back into the pattern of collecting things. The best way to not have to do massive overhauls is to not bring so much stuff in. Think about it before you buy it... how long will this last before I'm packing it into storage and lugging it around all my life before I toss it?

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