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Suzie wondered what will be my next topic to blog about....
Well Suzie, wonder no longer because this post comes from you!

Suzie and L_Oman have been thinking about their fellow bloggers and I do too. I always stare at my list and run mental checks on each name. Sometimes I can't click because of time but I see the name and think about them. Offline I think about them too and hope things are going smoothly for them. You all are in my du'as literally and may they come to pass. SO I'm playing this Tag! What do I wonder about my top fav bloggers? Quite a lot actually!

First I have the most incredible base of sisters in my Private Blog Truth Hurts. They listen to me go on and on for long winded posts -mostly without complaint- and give me solid good advice to live on. Without them I'd be a blubbering shell of nothing...blubbering to myself....

Angry Muslimah and Miss Muslimah are no longer with us in the bloggingland but they are always in my heart and I constantly wonder how they are and if things are going smoothly for them yet.

Aalia from Chasing Jannah is always making me wonder ever so randomly when she's ever going to get her behind here to UAE lol. And when she gets here , if she ever does, will she really like me as much as she seems to in blogland?

Saffiyah from Shaalom 2 Salam, I wonder how her moving is going and if things are getting squared away and if her health esp in Ramadan is holding up. I wonder if she's ever written a book. I wonder if one day I'll meet this strong and amazing woman.

Umm Ibrahim from Stranger in This Dunya, I wonder how a woman with so much responsibilities and kids and so much cooking has time to write and type up such delicious recipes. I appreciate her words of wisdom but I drool over her Fudge and Lemon-Meringue Tarts wishing time would slow down so I could be more great in the kitchen.

3rd Lady always seems to have an amazing new insight to share with us on her blog and I wonder a lot about her life and the fabulous advices she gives me. I do wonder what religion she is but I'm thankful that no matter what that is she understands the Higher Power we both believe in and can relate to what I say and believe in. I wonder if she will enjoy raising a family in Polygamy or will she feel trapped as time goes on. I surely hope she can deal with it because she seems so strong and she deserves a beautiful family of her own.

Jayne with a Y.... ah my dear when Will I get to meet this unique personality? She reminds me so much of my best friend's mother growing up that I feel at home even more here in UAE. I saw a Harley Davidson shop in Abu Dhabi and I admit I did look carefully at the windows wishing I could catch a glance of perhaps her. Insha'Allah one day. I wonder when that day will come when I can hear in my own ear her particular emphatic brand of cursing and feel more like I never left USA.

Habayeb from A Learning Muslimah another one I wonder when i can meet up with this awesome lady. I'd love to have a chance to sit down in a park and chat about life. I wonder why for the longest time i thought she was local emiratian but then I got mixed up and figured she's not local.....where are you from Heb? Oh and when are you going to get more awesome songs on your playlist because I leave your blog playing non-stop while I worked around the house in Ramadan cause i love the three songs you have but then Ya Taiyba started stuttering and I was down to two until my daughter was like "I don't want this anymore turn it off!" When Heb WHEN!

Is There Food On My Niqaab .... I wonder where she comes up with her blog posts from... they are always super in content and always make me think.

Marahm, iMuslimah, My Hijab, American_Bedu, Ammena, Abez Sez and OWL I check you all very regularly and wonder if life is going smooth for you.

Last but not least Suzie of Suzie's Adventures (in Saudi), is the only blog I subscribe to in my e-mail because I want to be sure when she posts I don't miss it. Always something new and interesting that reminds me of my first days in the Middle East. What I wonder about her is when and if she will ever look deeply and reflect deeply about how to strengthen her Imaan because if she starts covering Islamic topics in conjunction with her more cultural observations then her blog will beat most of ours in my whole blogroll for content. I enjoy her posts most about her reflections on religion and hope she'll do more. I hope she continues to have a beautiful attitude towards the Middle East and doesn't become Jaded as many before her have.

I do try my best to go through my whole long list of fellow bloggers once ever week or two weeks if I'm swamped because I do love all your blogs and I wonder how you are. As I said above even if I can't click your name one day I will think of you and keep you in my du'as.


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Umm Ibrahim said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Not been on the internet much over the past week due to the kids being home and due to very, very bad internet connection. Grrr!

The kids are back at school now, the internet is better so I can read blogs again, alhamdu Lillah! Thanks for your sweet words on here and thanks for your lovely sms also - the sms just goes to show that you really do think about your fellow bloggers! ;)

Habayeb said...

awwwwww HAHA! yea i was wondering to add on more nasheeds to the playlist..oh and maybe coz my nick sounds local? :P im from India..but hey i consider myself local in heart since ive been here all my life and hate india..i celebrate National Day and not independence day of india so go figure :P oh wow i kinda got an idea for a new post lol oh and yeaaaaah i wanna meet u someday insha'allah!

Susie of Arabia said...

I had such a hard time narrowing MY list down too. There are so many terrific bloggers out there - each one with different situations in life, coloful outlooks, and interesting perspectives. Thanks for the nice compliments and the food for thought. I guess, honestly, I feel not knowledgeable enough about Islam, so maybe I avoid the topic. I too hope we will someday meet and embrace each other as sisters.

Anonymous said...


I am an internet supastar......Brandy loves me.....she really loves have sucha big head and she gives me shout-outs..I am around blurking now....

I hope all things are going well you havent updated the private blog in a while? Curious minds want to know...I will try to call you later.....

Big kisses to the babies.....from
Xala Nasiriyah

American Muslima Writer said...

Umm Ibrahim, Glad your back more :) I liked getting SMS from you too :)

Hab : thanks for the update :D Can't wait to see that post.

Suzie, Insha'Allha one day we'll meet. Trust me if I ever get to saudi there WILL be a blogger's party lol. Suzie I'll e-mail you more about your latest post and my word in my post :D

American Muslima Writer said...

Ahhhh Nasi, so THIS is what it takes for you to comment? A shout-out?!?!?! I better shout out at the end of every post from now on: Lol imagine "So Peanut the monkey got loose in Al-Ain today and the ANgry Muslimah better let me know what she thinks about that..."
LMAO. Good to see you around Nasi, I miss talkign to you on the phonew but i know how expensive it is for us both now. I do sincerly hope you are well and I'm thinking of you. And I doooo update Truth Hurts now and then but sometimes I feel like I'm too much whinning or complaining lol and that is boring I guess for you to read and me to type so I'm brainstroming what else to type.
You just take care of yourself though and never give into shaytan ok. :D

American Bedu said...

American Muslima Writer - thank you very much for the mention. It is a joy to pop in and read your blog.

Best Regards,
American Bedu

Nasiriyah (The Angry Muslimah ) said...


Peanut the monkey? Where do you get this stuff

You are 2 much.....ans whispering in your ear " can i read sum of the sroty that you are righting...I have been reading all kinds of things latley...expeciallty the not to risky...romance books....

American Muslima Writer said...

American_Bedu: Thanks :) I love to pop in on your blog too! :D

American Muslima Writer said...

Nasi, hehehe well you know how crazy I can say things...remember moon rocks ;) lol but of course you can be a pre-reader tester...but erm...i do have to find something readable lmao that is on my computer as the stuff I currently write is handwritten and will take a year before it gets to pc world. I'll e-mail it to you ok :) *Yay a new fan!*

3rd... said...

wowww... what a sweet surprise to find myself mentioned in your post! thanks for the kind words!!

Anonymous said...

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