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This is the year 2008 where I will make things happen that I haven't been able to achieve before!
These are my goals for the year so far:

- Write [and finish!] a Publishable Book in the sub-genre of Arab Romance
- Send it off to my secret editor
- Send the Final Draft off to Publishing Houses
- Get a good contract signed
- Be Published Author!

Ok so maybe they wont all happen this year but I have to get the ball rolling!

To accomplish these goals I HAVE to learn to manage my time better. These are the obstacles in my way:

- My 3yr old daughter needs to have definite schedule for school and home
- My 6month old son is breastfeeding around the clock
- Keeping up with the Arab's idea of a clean house takes a lot of time and no slacking
- Need to decide if i will predominatly type or handwrite the story
- Need to make Writing schedule and keep it up

Of course with wonderful world of blogs tempting me at every turn to procrastinate I'm doomed but I WILL TRY! Wish me well insha'Allah!

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