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Hearts Lift

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Those not living here in the Middle East don't know the fear and oppression the people have faced daily for years and decades. In Lebanon they told me I'm so lucky we're not in Syria, where if you even whisper against the government you can get shot. Lebanon has it's own share of Politically Charged Environment but at least people are open there about their feelings.

I've always asked if there people are so miserable why don’t they take a stand? They OUTNUMBER Government officials! History has shown Civilian Revolutions are largely successful in large numbers.
I was always told, they'd love to, but they fear being shot to death in a large massacre.
Now here we are in the middle of an Arab Revolution.

Finally people are daring to get together and stand up against the injustices being done to them.

May Allah Bless and forgive the man who started it all when he set himself of Fire in a fit of rage to protest the injustice done against him. He was literally the spark of the revolution. Every person in the Middle East felt his pain and their hearts lifted. SOMEONE FINALLY HAD THE GUTS TO STAND UP AGAINST INJUSTICE, DESPITE BODILY HARM!






As Egypt succeeded this showed the regions nearby that they could succeed too and no matter how many were killed to achieve it, the results would be worth it.

No one knows how far this will reach or how it will affect the future but I for one am with it.
I cannot participate physically but I participate with my du'a and with my words.
Every country here with a dictator type regime and a score to settle is preparing.
Those forced out of their jobs and livelihoods are preparing.
Those with family members killed viciously are preparing.
Children and grandchildren under decades of oppression are preparing.
May God help them all.
May HE keep their intentions pure.
May HE guide them to having Justice.

Has anyone actually looked at the map where this is happening? DO you see the circle widening? Yet the true center of the circle that has yet to be untouched is Jordan/Palestine/Israel/Lebanon!!!!! One of the most previously volatile areas in the Middle East!!! I think the eventual plan is to oust the dictators around this epicenter and install more friendly just governments in their place. Thus backing humanitarian efforts and having larger support to finally end the Israel/ Palestinian conflict. ALL these people standing up for Justice in the face of death, do you really think they will stop at the edge of their borders? No they will continue on. I guarantee you. It's all heading back to Israel. And this time they won’t get away with their atrocities. The world will now have their eyes opened to the real Middle East and what is happening here. Including those in USA. Now we will just see if they can actually stand up for the right thing or continue to shuffle their feet and stand there awkwardly at Israel’s side supporting their inhumane bloodshed.

The ironic thing I find though is the American People protested the War in Iraq against Bush. But they didn't do it with enough people and with enough heart! What they did gain was quickly stifled. Bush was a Gaddafi/Mubarak dictator who got away with oppressing his people and ignoring their demands for justice and peace. America you should feel with the people here and support us. Encourage Obama to help in a GOOD WAY. Lift your hearts and speak out.

People in the Middle East are reaching out to you, not against you for once. You should take that gift not shun it.

May God guide us all to correct decisions and bring a lasting peace to this region and further to the world.


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