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Professional Make-up

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Since someone has expressed an opinion in my last few posts on my choice of make-up. I would like to elaborate on that.  NEUTRAL VS GLAM

I wear it for work. I'll be honest: I don't always like it. It's tedious to put on, horendous to scrape off nightly, and I prefer the fresh face look anyways.  Sadly though the reality is even in my twenties, I'm breaking out badly like a teen. Everyday suddenly there might be anywhere from 1-5 zits popping out and on a personal level I wouldn't be comfortable sticking my zitty face near others and advising them at work. Having the ability to put on a mask, or a Professional Face, is part of a Customer Service job.  Look at Airplane Stewardesses and Check-In Crew! PROFESSIONAL! and yes MAKE UP. Half my neighbors are in this field and their make up is thick and bold! Although the Muslimah ones wear just neutral like me.

People naturally gravitate towards that which is nice to behold. In my work I do want people gravitating TO me not away from me.
That said let's talk about Islam. We should be modest. We should Not attract undue attention to ourselves.
Okay, so, lets look at what I am wearing exactly. I'm not shy to reveal my so called beauty secrets. :p

Liquid Foundation: Covers those zits and provides a skin evener that lets me not stand out with red spots or healing scabs, all over my face.

Powder: Both of these in my natural skin tone not too lighter or darker as some ladies do (especially here in UAE). I wear it to preserve the liquid to last all day and not run or flake off, or look shiny.

Eyeshadow: Lightly applied in complimentry neutral colors to what I'm wearing. Mostly hidden behind my glasses as you can see on the side. Because if I didn't add this my face would take on a ghostly sheen from no accent color to the powder.

Blush: a softest pink with a fluffy brush and only a dab under the apples of cheeks, seriously you can hardly see it, even me and i know it's there. But if I didn't put it again you have the ghostly face effect. Beleive me I've tried to not put it and people have asked me if I was unwell.......  :(

Mascara: Only worn once a month on my period days, since to make wudu we can't use the waterproof kind , and the non-waterproof will run all over my face at work....yeah, sooo not professional. I actually wear it because it's always made me feel more confident and it's my one vanity that has no basis other than the fact I like it. I told you I'll be honest here. My lashes are naturally very light brown almost blonde to the point it looks as if I have hardly a lash. I dont CAKE IT ON, as some do. Just one swipe to put a touch of color.  If I need a pep-me-up on my non-period days I wet them with water and use black eyeshadow to dust them but it washes off with the first wudu.

Lip Color:  The reason I call it that instead of lipstick is that what i wear isn't technically lipstick. Again because I'm a white girl my lips have a naturally pale color and again as we discussed before, once that powder is on I get the ghost effect. It seriously doesn't even look like i HAVE lips, which freaks me out in the mirror! I put a tiny dab on my pinky of a gloss with a shimmer one shade darker than my lips.
This goes off easily many times a day, while talking (which i do a lot of at work), or drinking water etc.... so reapply as needed.

And thats it.

But guess what, on the days my face is clear of zits, I wear NO make-up.

But a few times (for those that argue to try it naturally) when my face was really badly spotty, I didn't have time (cuz it does take 30 mins to put that on) for make-up before work. I had to run to catch the bus. When I got to work literally every single co-worker asked me in a very shocked concerned voice "OH MY GOD! What happened to your face!"  I embarrassedly explained to them this IS my face. All day I felt horrible and self concious instead of confident. I had less customers and things did not go well.  ( Not to mention everyone kept staring at me, which i hate)


Let me also add that before I was Muslim I rarily left the house without Mascara and Bright Red Lipstick. I would even do Black or Dark Green in my Punk Days. But never NEVER did I wear light pink or "girly" or "natural" colors.  It was always shocking bright color. My eyeshadow too had to be bright colors. So there is a differnce in wearing make up to SHOW OFF YOUR FACE, and wearing Make up to Neautrilize your face or to look Professional. BIG DIFFERENCE.  I personally feel more natural at work with it than without. On my good days of a clear face no zits and no make up many people have actaully told me I'm prettier so... subhanAllah..... what's a girl to do?  Allah knows my intention. Allah knows my limits. And it is for Him to Judge.

If you don't like it well, you're free to say so as this is blog world, but you also have a choice to go to another blog. I've been honest though.

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Anonymous said...

I don't see a problem with wearing makeup. I have a not-so-flawless complexion so I like to use foundation and all that to even it out a little. Otherwise I feel like people will stare at me more and think of how crappy my skin is lol! I could probably do without the lipstick and mascara, but it's a hard habit to break :P

Anonymous said...

Im sorry I didnt understand you were married. I dont know you and dont judge you and will go away. I seemed to spark a reaction that I didnt mean to.
If a Muslim woman has to work, it must be very hard to establish what is haram and halal,
Maybe you never knew or maybe you have to do what society expects.
The only way make up is allowed out of your house is if you wear niqab.
Sorry u feel u have to impress others, that should be for your husband.
Again Im not judging you, but I just think an answer to zits is covering up the zit?????? as not to offend people.
BTW a Muslim woman shouldnt say
"I want people gravitating towards me" it just sounds cheap.
NO YOUR MAKE UP IS NOT HALAL, but most people dont follow deen anyway, I dont care and wont be back, your blog is silly and Im certainly not interested in a strangers life, not to mention a stranger who gives her silly opinions when Islam is already clear!

Oum L

American Muslima Writer said...

Umm L

For someone who says you dont judge you certainly DO judge quite a bit. In fact your being down right rude and nasty. You are more than entitled to your opinions but I suggest you learn to perhaps say them in a nicer way?

I appreciate your concern for my level of make up and I tried to show you although I do HAVE to wear it for work, I do so tastefully.

From your words you don't seem you are a working woman and because of that you are not facing the pressures daily in the work force.

Having people gravitate to you is what Business and Business Poeple are all about. Certainly you didn't open your store and hire expensive people for them to turn customers away?!?!?!
Impressing others has nothing to do with my Husband. I'm not out there on the street like a tawdry whore giving men and others a "Come HITHER" glance. I'm standing in a respectable store acting like a normal human being and dealing with men and women in a professional business manner. I am friendly and curtious as all Muslims should be. But I'm not going over board and fawning over people especially men.
I do save my greatest beauty for my husband. And I have worn niqab before. My husband sees my face before I leave and understands why I have to wear what I wear and he understands I conduct myself in a professional way. He's not threatened.
I never said my make up is HALAL but it is what I have to do for now. I was just explaining why I wear it and the difference between people wearing make up to show off and using it for a need.

" I dont care and wont be back, your blog is silly and Im certainly not interested in a strangers life, not to mention a stranger who gives her silly opinions when Islam is already clear!"

See what I mean about harsh and judgemental?!?!? OUCH! Where's my 70 excuses?
That's what Blogs are!
Maybe my opinions are silly to you, but there are about 200 people out there who do like my opinions. So I have no rope and chains to bind you here to me, you're free to go and come as you will. But I will not be intimidated or cowed by your motives or harsh manner. If you think wearing a dab of makeup is so outragious that you are going to boycott me then you have a strange priority for what makes a good Muslim.
I know I have a pure heart with good intentions and I follow about 98% of Islamic Laws. Those 2% are my flaws, although as humans we all have them, but those 2% means I'm not PERFECT. As no human is perfect. No Muslim on the face of the Earth follows Islamic Law 100%, we are not Angels. Even you. If you can honestly tell me you follow 100% and are a perfect Muslimah I'll start a webpage all about you for you to have a mass following of students to learn your pious ways.
May ALlah be with us and guide us because that is all that matters in this Dunya. ALLAH.

American Muslima Writer said...

Amal exactly people look at me more without it. "I can see it in their minds "OMG Does she know her face looks like chicken pox?"
LOL yes i see what you mean.
Have a good day!

Anonymous said...


u dont have to defend yourself, noone lives your life but you. And noone will face Allah s.w.t. with your life but you. oum L seems to have time on her hands, lol.

With that being said, being your sister, BFF and muslima myself. I felt confused when I saw you, because you are so pretty with the make up and knowing your beautiful personality did make me wonder if lots of guys r attracted to you... and as your sister (and here I feel like blood sister) I did feel a little overprotective like I DONT want guys attracted to you. But that goes for the gorgeous kids too, who have on no make up on.Not sure what my point is.... cause the pimples do have to be covered! We all get em, we all hate em and I feel like its sadaqa to look halfway decent.
I dont know what the solution is cause your way too pretty w/ the make up and yet as u said not so great w/out it. I even felt like Momtaz noticed how pretty u r, AND HOW FAT AND UGLY I AM!
ok totally off the subject I am heading................
maybe u should drop the lipstick for chapstick???? cause that really makes a difference.

For anyone who thinks Im a nut who makes no sense, u r right, and I dont care. Thats why Im not putting my name on this.

Brandy u dont have to publish this, not to show people I am your weirdo friend, who makes no sense!

Miss you
(u know who)

Sister J said...

Salam Alaykum Sister Brandy,

You have long been one of my favorite bloggers and I don't even need to follow you with google because I know this blog address by heart. No one should judge another. Allah has been clear on when judgement will take place and it won't be here in this world and it certainly won't be done by internet trolls. haha. I'm so glad to read your latest post and love the new pic.

Sister J

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