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Stars in My Eyes

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As a young teen I was obsessed with the stars. I loved to go out and stare at them and think about them for hours. I knew all the main constellations like the back of my hand. My parents even got me a cool telescope to use where I used to stare at the moon up close and personal. At this time I was hoping to become an Astronomer. A person who studies the stars. Sadly through bad high school planning by the school they messed up my schedule needed to gain enough credits in the science and math to become such a person. So I gave up that dream but I never stop looking at the stars.
I used to be Atheist before becoming Muslim so when I looked at these bright spots in the sky I'd think how amazing it was that Random Evolution/Big Bang could cause such beauty. My biggest question I wish could be answered before I die is:

What is beyond the edge of the Universe?

Scientist agree there is an edge and right now it is expanding (some believe soon it will re-contract sending time backwards or haywire). But so far I haven't' heard any theories to what is beyond that. A great black nothingness? A great whiteness? Nothing? Something? WHAT!!!!
It just boggles the mind to not even be able to imagine something.
Now that I am Muslim i see the stars very differently. I see the beauty Allah created. I see the patterns of how things are grouped and look out there reflect the same on Earth pointing to ONE creator. When I look at the beauty of a galaxy filled with worlds unseen I know Allah has Knowledge of what they contain. They aren't' fully a question mark anymore. Maybe HE will let us know about it. Maybe He wont. But the knowledge does exist and that is comforting.
The same goes with MY QUESTION. What is beyond the edge of the Universe?
Now I know there is an answer. Allah KNOWS. Perhaps someday I will get the chance to ask Him insha'Allah in Jannah. But one day my question will be answered. Now the question doesn't tear at my brain fruitlessly. As for what it looks like I don't let that tear at me too. Because not being able to know the form of Allah yet knowing He exists, is in my heart. So I have faith that eventually the questions will be answered. Eventually your questions will be answered too. But only if you have patience and believe.

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Srini said...

Nice description of your view of the Universe.

We know that the Universe is expanding. But we do not know into what is it expanding. There should be something for it to expand in.

Any way, science may or may not answer these questions. But the spirit of enquiry needs to persist.

And by the way, about the idea of Allah, i have the following question:

Since Allah does not exist in a particular place, where does he exist. Either he should exist at a partuclar place or he should exist at all places. If he does not exist in a particular place as well as does not exist at all places, then how can he exist?

What do you think

hijabee said...

Nice post sister! I have always been fascinated by stars myself. Stars, the moon, the sun, the sky all these creatures still fascinate me. One can not doubt the existence of a Greater Being after looking at the perfection of the Universe. Subhanallah!

American Muslima Writer said...

Srini good thoughtful questions!

Absolutly there should be something that it expands into but it's just mind boggling to imagine WHAT. heh.

As for the second part:
I will do a greater post about this for your honor. But for now let your mind think about this:
It is God who has created ALL THINGS. Thus He was there before ALL THINGS existed. We don't know how he looks because our limited minds can't fathom the unseen. Yet He was AND IS there. Now that we have established this fact we can move on.
God then at some point created TIME, a way for us to measure things. He then also at some point created "Space" and the Dimentions there-in. 2D, 3D 4D etc... so thus He established "Places" Therefore He existed before Places did.
Now by the Attributes that I'll blog about later, that He revealed to us in the Qur'an clearly show us that he is so full of Majesty and many wonderful things so he is above the needs of his creation. He does not NEED US, we NEED Him. We rely in all things upon Him while He has created us to worship Him. So He is not in need of the things he created like TIME and PLACES. He is not IN his creations becasue He was there before they were created. It is beneath his Noble status to be forced to transform Himself into our limited ideas of created substance. And of course no one can Force God, he is the one who forces.
So saying God is without a place is correct. We do not know how God is but we do know HE IS.
Saying God is everywhere is incorrect becasue of two main reasons: 1 the stated above, 2 it is beneath the staus of God to say everywhere ebcause that means people are saying "God is under my shoe, God is in my Poop, God is in my Toilet, God is up my Butt, etc..." You get the idea, this is disgusting and horrible to say. So God is not everywhere. But He does have knowledge of all things including what is under my shoe in my P---- you get the idea.
So ths God is not everywhere but He is beyond the relm of His Creation.
May He be Glorified in the most Befitting Ways.

I hope this helps you and others to work the inner gears harder and re-think some thing. You've got a good brain in your head Srini :)

American Muslima Writer said...

hijabee: can't say it better than that, the Universe and all in it is just Fabulous. SubhanAllah.

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