Salam everyone.

First up congrats to YASEMIN/LISA from A Journey EASTWARD to Tartary... who just got back from Disneyland and said Shahada again. Alhamdulillah.

Which got me thinking. Everyone has their strength and weaknesses when entering Islam.
Of the 5 Pillars






we each have some or one pillar we excel at. Then we have others we really have trouble with.
For me, my belief is strong. Alhamdulillah NO swerving or misgivings.

Prayers are the hardest for me. I love praying but have difficulty remembering some of them and making the ones I missed up in a timely manner. This is my personal Jihad I will have all my life to do my prayers ON TIME.

Fasting I thought would be the hardest for me as I love food YUMMY! but it turned out to be the easy for me. I know many others that this is their hardest Pillar and my heart goes out to them.

Charity/Zakat is really what brought me to Islam and is my best Pillar. If I have one dollar I will give you half. If I have half dollar I will give you a quarter. If I have 500 dollars I will give you 450. Alhamdulillah my faith is strong that money is not something we need to hold onto. Allah will send it to you and take it from you but there will always be a flow. Why not do your part and add tot he flow. It feels so good to give to other people too. And those chances when I get in return I feel so blessed.

My friend just left from UAE back to USA and masha'Allah gave me a lot of her stuff and subhanAllah just the things I needed most in my life. Those things I didn't need I have resolved to pass them right along to someone else to feel blessed. I'm currently clearing my house down again to give away to charity. I love the free flow of charity between many people. Always remember, we only have one life, why not spread things around.

Hajj Pillar is one that means a lot to many people and many people can't afford it. I cannot but can't wait to be able to as it's just right next door to me right now in UAE. I look forward to doing this Pillar and look forward to the difficulties I will face. BRING IT ON! I want to touch the Kabba. I want to pray with it in my face. I have the feeling my prayers Pillar will be strengthened with Hajj. Insha'Allah. I know intentions are a strong thing and I believe if you intend something strong enough it will happen eventually or you will be rewarded later for it. My intention for moving to UAE is to save up for Hajj. So far my Hajj fund is at 0..... but it will come. I know it. I'm looking forward to the day my whole family can do it together. I know for some though this will be their biggest Pillar to face. The journey, the walking, the rituals involved...etc. I make du'a for those of you who are struggling with this one.

Sometimes we loose sight of these 5 pillars. We forget their importance or need. We get a little lost. Sometimes returning to them helps to refocus our hearts.

What are your ups and downs in the 5 Pillars?

5 intelligent thoughts:

Solace In Islam said...

I never thought of it like that, but what you wrote is quite true.

For me salaah is definitely the most difficult one. I think because it is a daily requirement AND 5 times a day also. BUT I'm working on it;-)

otowi said...

Belief - Alhumdooleluh, I feel secure in belief.

Prayer - I am good about performing prayers on time nearly all the time, but I need to improve my focus/concentration during prayer.

Fasting - I sometimes find this physically difficult while maintaining the high energy needed for my job. But I can do it.

Hajj - I was blessed to go in 1999, a miracle. Alhumdooleluh.

Mrs. S said...

Belief - alhumdulillah when I say the words to the shahada I mean them.

Prayers - I have trouble making Fajr on time and sometimes staying awake for Isha. I have to remind myself that prayer is better than sleep.

Zakat - Probably the easiest. Money is always easier to give than time and effort.

Hajj - Inshallah, I'll be able to go in the not to distant future

Fasting - Abstaining from food and drink is no's all the other stuff that I struggle with. You know, the keeping the thoughts pure. The not being mean or sarcastic. The remembering to have patience with myself and others. Anyone have any tips?

Salma said...

Salam Sis,

I've been thinking about this more as Ramadan is approaching...great way to reflect and make necessary changes.

For me the hardest thing has been prayer generally, but with the death of my son it actually got worse. Alhamdullelah, hubby kept pushing me and wasn't always nice about it was worth it though.

Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum sis ...

Alhamdulillah, I seldom have any problems with the pillars with the exception of the prayers. I get very edgy when it comes to cleanliness, so when I feel like I'm not clean, unless I take a bath, I will not pray...

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