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Into the Madhouse

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I clearly remember the day I was watching CNN and they have those beautiful Ubber-Keep-Dreaming commercials on far away lands to visit. I was living in a poor village on the outskirts of Beirut.
On came a advertisement for Dubai. The Burj Al-Arab (the D looking building) and the beautiful beaches. I was amazed. I turned to my husband:
"Wow I wanna go live there."
He laughed.
"That is Dubai, the most expensive city in the Middle East."
I sighed and crushed moved on with my life.
A year later we had the chance to Leave Lebanon (thanks Mom and Dad) and we decided on UAE to live. Sure my flashback of CNN helped that decision but once we got here we realized Dubai was still beyond our dreams and settled into cozy Al-Ain.
We've lived here for 4 years now. I love Al-Ain, seriously.
But now amazingly it's off to the Madhouse.

We are moving to DUBAI!!!
My husband finally got the job of his dreams in Emirates Airlines Maintenance Dept.
His job gives him accommodation (not free).
So with my working still with Magrudy's we'll be able to at least make rent and have a small bit left over, much as we are living now in al-Ain.
I'll be transferred from the Bawadi Branch here in AL-Ain to Deira City Center in Dubai.
I went there and checked it out and its a bigger shop so that makes me happier.

So now I have to lovingly toss all my stuff in boxes and haul them up to our new home.
I get to do ALL of this JUST BEFORE RAMADAN!!! YIKES!

So Sisters in Dubai...looks like you'll get a new Blogger moving in.  ;)

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Mrs. S said...

YAY! Mabrook to your family on the new job and the big move! LOL, I loved the "...lovingly TOSS my stuff into boxes" line.

Amy said...

MashAllah, that is so awesome that you are moving to Dubai :) I live in Sharjah myself, used to live in Dubai. I think you will love it, it is great. And if you ever want to hang out with a fellow writer gimme a call :)
Good luck with your move!!

Anonymous said...

Mabrook, May Allah always guide you and bless you.


Mrs. Handbag Addict said...

Hey! I've been reading your blog for a while now and had to comment... congrats on the move! How did you like Al-Ain though? there is a chance my hubby will get transferred there so we might need to move and wanted some insight from someone who knew it well =) how is it in comparison to abu dhabi? Thanks =)

Jennifer@TouchofShimmer said...

Wow Brandy! Congratulations how exciting. Inshallah all goes well for you and your family in Dubai. Take loads of pics for us and share them on your site

Leela said...

Congratulations on your move to Dubai. Hope the move is peaceful and smooth. Wish you good luck in settling in. Regards.

Anonymous said...

Helloall, thanx a log for this blog .. This was what I was looking for.

UmmKhaled said...

Awww Mabrook on the job and transfer and all but that makes me sad because you won't live in Al Ain anymore (it is Kasey) I am still in Canada but will be back in the next few months...ohh well Dbai is not that far..Twizzle lives there.

Hamid said...


Best of luck for your times ahead.

May you be blessed with few more blessings so that you can share with other too.A'meen

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