Magrudy's City Center and Dubai Mall branches have closed. Which would leave me where?

Was given my 30 day notice and working Ibn Battuta Mall's Branch until it end March 3rd, is where. I'm on borrowed time to find another job to support me and my kids.
But I saw it coming and made Dua for a chance at something new, and thus here it is, and I'm not sure what to do about it.
I'm applying my CV/Resume everywhere I think will likely work....

But there are the dreams and that niggling little voice who is never wrong and she knows it too.

They are telling me it's time to put words into action and do something to start the fulfillment of my Destiny. I've been talking about it to close family and friends for over a month now and even worked up enough courage to hint about it on my blog but you never can get anything started until you take a deep breath and risk it all.

You see I was afraid. I was afraid If I went and told you all my plans then there would be criticism, there would be discouragement, there would people that *gasp* expected me to live up to my declaration. I didn't want that pressure for something so precious to me. But then on the flip side of the coin you have encouragement, support and *gasp* someone who might read about it and hook you up!

So the time has come....

No wait, I need another moment to get this lump in the back of my throat down my suddenly parched esophagus.....












Ah, there we go, moving on.....

I'm going to build a Masjid (Mosque) / Islamic Community Center.


it will NOT be like any other masjid/ICC out there currently.
It will be insha'Allah the pure essence of Islam.
I want people to walk into there and breathe deeply and go "Yes, this is Islam".

It will have many features that are Humanitarian.
A new way never done in UAE to feed the Poor.
A way to shelter the victims of Violent acts.
A way to keep families together and solve marital conflict.
Bringing Dawa' to non-Muslims on a whole new level.
Learning the beauty of Islam for anyone in society.
A way to receive discounted healthcare.
A fun place to mind the children while their parents learn or pray.
A it will feature many attractions to bring people to the masjid 24 hours a day.
Yes 24 hours a day. A masjid should never be closed to shut out Allah's Mercy.

I've been working and designing and researching these past few months how to make it all work and come together.
Now I'm going to be approaching investors to join in. It's a big step to take but insha'Allah it will come together and I will find someone with the right Vision to understand how this will all work out.

I will build this brick by brick if I have to, but it will be done.

I had other plans yes that haven't worked out so far but none of them have I felt so strongly about than this one. I know this is what Allah wants me to work on, and I'm ready for it. None of my other plans and ideas had a good purpose you see. It was a plan to mostly help me. It would be MY Business. Now I'm making something for Others. It will be YOUR MASJID. For Allah. To WORSHIP HIM.

I beg Allah to make me His tool for goodness in this life and this project will be just that, a tool to spread the Mercy of Allah.

So now I have to figure out a way to make this happen, while still providing for my family on a daily basis.
I'll be updating you all on updates for how it's coming along and when I get a website for it.

Until then I only ask for your Dua that this comes true and will benefit those who really need it.

4 intelligent thoughts:

♥ααℓiα♥ said...

Asalaamu 3alaikum,

Wow mashaaAllah!! My eyes widened when I read this because well I don't know why but what a beautiful goal!! I am shocked O_O (but in a good way)!!

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

May Allah help you, ameen.

If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.


Jennifer L. Storm said...

The best dreams are the one's that help others as well-don't you agree?

"Be persistant in good actions."~Prophet Muhammed

American Muslima Writer said...

Thanks Ladies for your Support.

I wil have to hold off on this project for now because the timing isn't right yet. But it is always there in my heart waiting for it to happen. I hope one day I can make it come true. For now on a short hold til I get other things up in the air and feed my family, u know how it goes...

And of course Pixie I'll let you know :D

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