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Means someone's thoughts that are not yet FACT.

It is Darwin's theory of Evolution NOT Darwin's FACTS on Evolution. Yet everyone treats it as facts and forces us to learn it in school where Creationism is not allowed.

I spent a number of years as an Atheist studying Darwin's works and held great admiration for what he achieved with his life and was set to stick my Darwin Fish on my car when i first owned one.

There were number of questions though that I never found answers to. Answers that the "Great" Darwin could not answer. Some Questions for the curious like:

Why if we descended from Monkeys/chimps are their STILL monkeys and chimps that have not evolved? Surely they would have long ago changed too. What about all the other animals that have not evolved over the centuries and are still very similar to it's original?

Also the ever present, What was there before the BIG BANG? How did it "randomly" spark? There have been many THEORIES about it but nothing that holds water for long unless, get this, YOU JUST BELIEVE. Yes, you have to BELIEVE in Darwinism to just accept that molecules and atoms randomly sprung together to create this ordered and well maintained universe. It's a leap of Faith in science.

One I no longer share. Alhamdulillah. Don't get me wrong I DO understand that some animals and some things change with time just like a river carving it's way through the Grand Canyon. But I do not believe WE HUMANS started out from monkeys/chimps. The river remains a river, the rock of the canyon remains rock. They each change a little but are THE SAME...It has been clear from my studies on Islam in these matters that Allah created Adam and he was huge compared to us. And in Jannah we will be given back larger bodies. So I do see things from two sides really kinda a blend of Darwin/Creation. I believe Allah created everything with set scientific rules. As things reproduced and changed slowly it is by HIS WILL and PLAN. Take my husband and myself and our children, each child looks exactly like half of each of us. They are the blending of two distinctly different races of HUMAN. They will later reproduce with different features creating completely different people with measurements different from me and my husband. These are known facts. But they will remain shorter or taller examples of HUMANS not anything else.
Now I have seen some deeply inbred people with thick brows and chunky heads that if dressed in a monkey suit could pass for monkey or neanderthal but yet they remain human and if married to someone of lighter browed, higher foreheaded person, would produce different children etc... my point of all this is though we humans do change looks and style depending on location or breeding patterns we still remain human and I truly believe we always HAVE been all the way back to Adam when he was Created by Allah. After all Allah created the other forms so why should Human be any more difficult? We have a different soul perhaps but that is another Post to ponder on. The point is that no one on this earth is the gigantic portions of Adam because of the way we've changed but none of us is any closer to changing into a different species.

So a few years after becoming Muslim I realized I cannot BELIEVE the theory of Darwin and although I totally BELIEVE Allah's Creation, I do see some Middle Ground I think scientist should focus on to improve knowledge instead of fighting all the time.

{By the way I do know all the Darwin sided points about the old "Who created God stuff" after all I used to battle Christians on it long ago so don't bother to fight it out with me ok. I'm just putting out my THEORY of ALL of Creationism and PART of Darwin.}

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Mrs. S said...

I really like what you said about Allah creating everything with a set scientific rule. I don’t feel like believing in God and believing in science are incompatible. It’s not a giant leap to assume that Allah created everything with order and reason. I like to think of those things that science doesn’t explain as being things that Allah does not want us to know, or that will be revealed after we die. What a nice post. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m glad that you’re back!

*~Ange~* said...

ahhh i knooow!

some people cant get over the THEORY part and what that word actually means.

they take it as fact and state "umm hello? darwin PROVED we came from monkies".

it does my head in.

otowi said...

I highly recommend watching this episode of NOVA: It really lays out some of the science and debate on this topic well.

BTW, evolution does not necessarily imply people evolved from apes. Actually, no version of the theory has ever claimed that, but some versions have claimed that both apes and humans have a common ancestor. The Qur'an says some people were turned into apes by God.
But, I think it is possible to consider evolution as a mechanism of God's creation aside from humans evolving from whatever - the evidence for some kind of evolution as a mechanism of God's creation, perhaps not involving humans but in general - depending on your point of view - is fairly considerable and should be weighed objectively.

otowi said...

Here is the link to the page with the actual program:

It is a really good show, I am a Muslim and I found it very interesting and beneficial.

iMuslimah said...

Science is based on hypothesis and disproving them. I personally do not shake off the notion of evolution, however I DO NOT believe in the "missing link" theory or idea that we evolved from apes or monkeys. Scientists will never find evidence because it does not exist. It is clear in the Quran that Allah swt created us as humans. That is it- there can be no argument! Now creationism doesnt necessarily rule out "big bang". Why couldnt the beginning of the universe be so dynamic? Imagine being present during the creation of the universe.....big bang is describing it mildly, imho.

"Don't the people who hide the truth see that space and the earth were all joined together in one unit of creation and then We split them apart?" (Q 21:30)

The Quran also talks about how the planets and stars are swimming (meaning movement). Planets and stars are constantly moving further apart.

This is very similar to the concept of big bang. God has authored the event, and there are some very provocative ideas and observations that are very similar to the facts set forth in the Quran.

As a muslim, I dont consider big bang a "theory" it is a collective description of events derived from scientific study that actually affirms the science found in our Holy Quran.

I think its really just a matter of perspective. If someone approaches the big bang theory as the end all be all, without any knowledge or consideration of Al-Bari (the evolver) it will be misinterpeted. If it is approached knowing that Allah was and is in control of it all- it will just shed light on our beautiful deen and truthfulness in the Quran.

Iman (faith) is at the heart of it all....

Good post sister. Assalamu alaykum!

ADK said...

Thanks for this post.
I have similar or even same opinion about this...

Susanne said...

I think it takes more faith to believe in Darwin's theory than to believe God created all things out of nothing. He's God. Charles Darwin isn't.

My faith is in God over Darwin.

Megan said...

Humans did not evolve from monkeys! They evolved from the same ancestors as modern apes. Please remember, Darwin was writing nearly two hundred years ago, at the very beginning of the scientific method. A awful lot has been discovered since then.

Coming up with a theory and testing it is how science works. It isn't perfect, but it's the best method we have so far of analyzing the things around us. The Qu'ran is perfect, but it alone does not give us enough information to develop our modern medicine and technologies.

Anonymous said...

Have you read articles and books from Harun Yahya about evolution,it's very interesting.

otowi said...

I did read them, and unfortunately, they get a fair amount of the science wrong.

Lisa said...

I loved this post sweetie and just wish I had seen it sooner. I think the two can somewhat co-exist as you know. I definitely agree though that Darwin's theory is not useful for the Big Bang Theory however. This is clearly something we must have faith in Allah about.

As for the monkey question, while I surely agree that Allah started everything, there is an Darwinian answer for why they still exist. I found this:

If eukaryotes evolved from prokaryotes, why are there still prokaryotes?

The main idea of evolution is that the original species does not need to die out.

I think the real question here is 'If something evolves, does the original which it evolves from die out' The answer to this is no.
The main thing here is that evolution does not mean the original dies out. The original only dies out if the conditions change enough for it to be unable to survive. Evolution is dependent on time as well. Vegetarian Monkeys and Apes didn't need to kill each other or anything else so they stayed placid and un evolved. The specific type of ape we evolved from was carnivorous and needed to evolve quickly to eat and keep up with the rest of its carnivorous friends or enemies!

I guess someone asking this question may be questioning evolution itself. Look around you. Evolution certainly exists - we see it everywhere. We know cells mutate and change - look at cancers. As animals, plants and us humans are all made of cells, we are all capable of mutating and changing our forms from one generation to the next. Over time, conditions and through necessity, our actions and our bodies will evolve to match the world around us.

Love you sweetie, GREAT post!

Abal Kasim said...

They who don't believe in God will creates theory...may be their origin is an ape???????

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