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"Muahahahaha!" She thunders waving her cat'o'nine tails high and raking them down the hapless victim's back in glee and furious might.

I whipped NaNoWriMo good!
I managed the incredible feat of beating out 50,000 words of literary pearls from the clutches of my mind in less than a month.

Hmm now for taking this pile of words and arranging them in PLEASANT to READ literary pearls...

that be 'nother task for 'nother month's undertakin'.....

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SortOfAnonymous said...

Amazing! I'm impressed... fifty thousand words?!!! And the month's still not over... so they let you edit it now or it has to be complete in a first draft?

American Muslima Writer said...

Sort of Anon,
yes, it was so much fun!
Well they don't care what you do with it, they only facilitate you gettting to 50K words, after that it's up to you what you do with it, you can even burn it, (and many of us writers think about doing that.....)

But my next plan is to continue on til about 80,000 words for a full length novel so I still have some ways go to go in my script. In December I'll review and edit it and insha'ALlah in January I'll be passing it to my few writing buddies to read and edit then in Feb I edit it again and in March another editing and rewite until insha'ALlah by April it will be done and publishable.

Aspiring Muslima said...

Hi, Aspiring Muslima here, actually signed in her account. BTW, I became a follower of ur blog. I had two questions;
first, what is this novel you're working on about? It's totally fine if you dont want to disclose any info till it's published, but I was wondering.
Also, have you published a novel before?

Susie of Arabia said...

Wow!!! You go girl!!!
Faster than a speeding bullet... More powerful than a locomotive... Able to leap rall buildings in a single bound... Awesome, Brandi!

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