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So the other night on Jan 1st we were coming out of the Bawadi Mall in southern AL-Ain and I'm walking happily holding my daughter's hand as we wander our way to the back parking lot. My husband is holding our son and walking ahead of us a little bit. It's about Midnight and  my daughter suddenly looks up at the sky and says "Why is the moon moving?" I opened my mouth to launch into a scientific explination of how it's not the moon moving, it's the clouds in front of it; when I too glanced up.  Before my very eyes the full moon appeared to literally be running through the sky.  Startled, I sttod still in shock and stared at it as if it would suddenly come to a halt but it didn't. It continued racing across the sky and for a panicked moment I seriously though the World is ENDING!
"Honey look at the moon!!" I cried with fear in my voice.
He glanced up and scoffed, "It's just the clouds moving!"
Perplexed and still quite frightened that the world might indeed be ending and I had prayers to make up I looked at the sky more closely. I stared hard at the clouds instead of the moon and indeed the moon stayed still finally and the clouds instead went racing across the dark sky.  Breathing easier yet still shaken we continued to the car.
After getting inside and settling in Hubby admitted for half a split second he too thought the moon was moving and to cover his fear he had to scoff to relieve not only himself but my fears as well.  Naturally he was right lol.
But imagine if the WORLD WAAAS ENDING!?!?!?!  We would have TOTALLY been unprepared!!!  This is why everyone must always remember that death can come at any moment ans we should be prepared because once death comes to us that IS the end of our viewing this world.  SubhanAllah.

Did anyone else out there have a weird End of the World moment?

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Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikom,
Not end of the world but...

On the first Saturday of every month where I live, the city tests their tornado alarms. It means that for a few moments once a month, anywhere you are, you hear the sirens. Honestly, I barely even notice it anymore. It's like hearing an ice cream truck in summer or someone's snow blower in winter. You tune it out.

However, after the recent attempted terrorist attack here on Dec. 25... On the first Saturday of January, when the tornado alarm went off, for about two seconds I was paralyzed with fear that an attack was underway, and successful. (Why else would the alarm be sounding?) I couldn't move or think.

Yeah... I feel kinda silly admitting it, but there you go.

UmmKhaled said...

Ohh that is cool you live in Al hubby is from Al Ain and I am moving there this April/May with our 3 children.

About you post...really I know the feeling...I forget what happened but something happened in the sky not too long ago and I was freaking inside...then I got to thinking all that to...what if? And it really brings you to think about life and how we are living scarey!


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