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Airplane Adventures!

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Three years of soaking up desert sun and sweating in blistering heat.
Three guesses where I get to go on January 19th!!!!  For 6 weeks!!!!!

Airplane to.....

Snow Snow and more snow!!!

Sill can't guess maybe if you see it without the snow?

OK OK one last hint.....the national flag ring a bell?
Come on, now, surely you have managed a guess?
TRY and see how many get it right.....hehehe.

2 intelligent thoughts:

Cecilia said...

wow are you going to lebanon?
my husband has been there, he says it is very beautiful there!

Ms.Unique said...

Awww am sooooooo happy to see you back Brandy! Hope your keeping fine .... I thought you were going to America ... with all the snow, snow and snow lol :D

And yes beautiful blog template :)

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