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Lebanese Cowboy Attitude: LYNCH MOB

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Just saw news on Gulf News about a man who was lynch mobed in a rural village of Lebanon. The Mob of angry Villagers managed to get him from police custody (two officers) and then took Justice into their own hands.  They murdered him and then stripped him down to his underwear and dragged him through the streets and then people stepped all over the body then it was displayed on a car driven slowly through town as more villages assembled. Finally they used a Butcher's Meat hook through the throat to hang him on a telephone pole for all to see.  The Lebanese Army had to be brought in to move out the crowd and retrieve the body.

Now before you say how horrid lets review WHY he was Lynch mobbed.
He allegidly raped a 13 year old girl and then went to her grandparents to try to get the girls parents to consent to him marrying the girl. BECAUSE by Lebanese Law if he marries her she can't testify against him.
The grandparents say No to his proposal. What does he do? He kills the grandparents BOTH! and TWO CHILDREN in the house! Authu'billah!

Was Justice served by the Lynch Mob or should they have let Police handle things?

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.::Tuttie::. said...

no, they did not serve justice. Seeing how their justice system is totally screwed up (her marrying him means she can't testify against him is bullcrap). I am not saying that there is anyone country with an exemplary justice system, I am just wary of lynch mobs.

In El Salvador during the 80's civil war a lot of people were killed by lynch mobs but most were innocent.

Anonymous said...

What the mob did to the man amounted to torture. Firstly, he has a right to a trial and the details of his crime and those he wronged needs to come out and be made clear. Secondly, Allah swt has given guidelines on how criminals should be punished under Islamic law and after that, the criminal is in the hands of Allah.

So what the mob did was not right. However, I'm not sure how things are handled in Lebanon and perhaps the mob feared that he would be let off lightly or maybe they were just too angry.

otowi said...

They should've let the police handle things. The Prophet (saw) strictly forbid mutilating bodies, etc., and killing in anger. Mob mentality is wrong and unIslamic.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

salam sis,since i have watched the accident on my local tv channels and have been very astonished,i want to say that i am still not sure about my opinion:was it what he desreved or it was never meant to be in that way??god only has the justice...

Skies said...

I read the news this morning and my thoughts were:
* Police will not bring justice, not just in Lebanon, but everywhere.
* He deserved to be killed and in front of the public, but tortured after death...No. Islamic-wise it is UNACCEPTABLE.

His punishment is death and that's it. The rest is on our Creator.
I can't blame them though on their rage.

Anonymous said...

I think about how we "punish" rapists in this country (US) and how a lot of them repeat their behaviors and are never really cured upon release from jail. It makes me VERY ANGRY! Personally I am in favor of an old fashioned quick death, esp for those who abuse children. I am not for a death penalty, but really these people are sick. Why trust them again?
However, I would not go to the extent of this lynch mob. I am not sure how Islam would handle this, but if we can stone adulterers....

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Brandy:

I'm with Anonymous 10:18

I say they should have run the butcher's hook through his you-know-what

Standing ovation for them!!!

Do you have a link to the article in English?

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