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Breaking news: Fire

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Al-Quoz Industrial Fire
-Brandy AZ Chase

Breaking News Tonight: There was a fire at the Mitsubishi Motors Showroom in the upstairs offices, in Quoz Industrial section, right next to the Noor Islamic Bank Metro Station. When I got off the metro at 9:30-9:45ish and was walking to my car I noticed the flashing lights and many emergency vehicles down a block. I walked over to them and flipped out my phone, sorry couldn't get a clear picture was worried the police might try to confiscate my camera.... this is what I got though....  you can see the firetruck (squint if you need to).


As I arrived closer (stowing away my camera), the fire fighters blasted the upper floor with a long stream of water.  Very professional! It really was amazing seeing the water gushing straight up in the air though! Two Police cars, One Ambulance, and One Firetruck were surrounding the corner.  I looked up to the area of the fire and saw the sign of Mitsubishi Motors half covered in black soot and fire marks. Police and paramedics were entering the building  They had already put out the worst of it and were waiting for flair-ups.  I nodded to the Officer in Brown as I passed, stepping lightly over the fire hose, passing between the truck and the fire-fighters. (Talk about IN THE ACTION!) Then on my way one block south to my car I saw another Fire Truck hovering on the back side of the building, probably waiting to see if extra help was needed.
I got into my car and at that time the 2nd Fire Truck had moved on down the road and I followed him a distance as he drove very very very slowly away with his lights on.  Finally I had to pass him....
  As soon as I got home I contacted Gulf News with the tip-off and hopefully they'll print it, I'll give you the link when  it's available.
Now back to your regularly scheduled lives.

PS: My Queendom Al-Quoz Industrial is in good hands with DUBAI'S FINEST!
Don't know what I'm talking about see this post!

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MOM said...

Brandy, Your little tale reminds me when I was in high school and I would get to see what you saw. My Dad would be called to come and fill up all the oxygen tanks for the firemen to go inside a building and work on the fire. I never tired of watching.

Monalisa said...

i really loved your blog. Was happy seeing a muslim mother blogging the muslim way. God reward you sis. Why don't you put up a follow me button on top of your blog so that i can follow you on my blogger dashboard itself. Any ways i'm including your link on my blog in sha Allah. visit if you'd like to view.

Anonymous said...

I am Glad i came across this site.Added to my bookmark!

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