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IT's WAR on Malaria Again....

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So last year I told you my husband and his brother got Malaria here in UAE where there wasn't supposed to be any LOCAL Malaria.

Cue 10 months later (ie, a few weeks ago) and my brother in law comes down with the same Malaria symptoms and sure enough his Malaria returned, not four days later my husband's symptoms started. Neither of them got bit again, there is a strain of Malaria called VIVAX, this one is a clever girl.

When the heat rises and the antibodies are running mad trying to stem the red blood cell slaughter she is wrecking, she bids a swift retreat into the Liver to wait 2-10 months before re-emerging to continue her conquest for total domination.
This can occur from 2-5 years over and over again needing swift treatment each time.

So that is the joy we battled at the begining of Ramadan where I said a fond goodbye to my blog for a time to consintrate on the family more and take care of poor Hubby.

Now he has finished his medications and today he took a blood test to see if there are any traces left in him. But The test can be a false hope. She could have retreated back to her Liver Lair to wait another year. We are making du'a that this Trojan Horse doesn't return.

But this has been reason #1 for my lack of blogging recently :)

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Habayeb said...

Oh i pray for you and your family's health!

PS - You need to come down to Dubai soon insha'allah!

PPS - I hope you enjoyed the rain in Al Ain!

Cecilia said...

I´m sorry for your hubby!
insha´allah he will not get it back!

Ms.Unique said...

May Allah cure your hubby & his brother and give them good health and strength Ameen .... And May this Malaria battle end forever! :D

Susanne said...

Oh, I am so sorry for your husband's repeat bout with malaria. My uncle has suffered from recurring malaria ever since he got it years ago in Africa. I hope this is something your husband's body can conquer for good.

American Muslima Writer said...

Masha'Allah thanks for your sweet words. Lol yes I hope to someday get up ther again and see you!

AWWW the RAIN WAS SO AWESOME it was bloggable!

American Muslima Writer said...

Aww thanks!
I really hope so too.

AMIN A M I N !!!

American Muslima Writer said...

thanks for your kind words, oh my how many years did your Uncle battle this? Makes me worried lol but I'll pray my husband wont get it for so long.

Misalyn said...

Among the four species of Plasmodium , Plasmodium vivax is less virulent.

Get well soon to your husband and brother in law.

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