"Drop and Give me Twenty"

"You call yourself a soldier or a $#%^*!"
"My Grandma can run faster than your sorry *$#%!"

Ahh the joys of Military Boot Camp. For some it sounds like an alternative form of torture, for others, sounds like fun. The one thing it does though is teach you discipline and whips you into shape.

How many workout videos do you own? Seriously think about it. How many of them do you watch and use? Manic instructors grinning hardly breaking a sweat as perfect people jump to the beat in a rhythm you just can't seem to follow. Something about Eye-TV-Workout coordination doesn't agree with you?

Now I've done some research and have found actual civilian Boot Camp courses (less intense than military) that you can do in a group. Sounds pretty cool BUT as Muslims the exercising in public with whole hijab garb on (proper I'm talking about not skin tight stuff), it's just not gonna fly. Besides I'm way out here in UAE and all these courses are in "Western Civilization". Although I came across this interesting article about Military Wives going through boot camp:  Civilian Boot CAMP

And more fun and interesting fact about Military Boot Camp, some that make you long for it and others that make you wanna go run and hide behind your mama's skirts. US Military

So what does this have do with an American Muslima Writer & Blogger? I found myself a FREE Boot Camp training course I can do in the comfort of my home for the next 8 weeks! Ok I don't have any drill sergeant shouting in my ear but being the Imaginative Role Player type I am, I fully plan to take on that role and yell at myself. So for the next 8 weeks I will be trying hard to not make excuses and just suck it up and get it done. Come on you can survive almost anything for 8 weeks. Although I'd love to take on a real military course much as G.I. Jane does in her awesome Movie that inspired this Life Move, I can't. Although I actually in high school was eager to join the Navy or Army or well any branch that deemed me suitable (Although the Navy had a nice ring to it ... Admiral Chase is better than General Chase) but alas life took a different direction that I am happy with BUT still sometimes those camouflage color beckon me.

So here I am starting Week 1 today! If anyone wants to join me and kick start their weight loss or fitness project or get through one of those plateaus we always get stuck on this is the thing to try! I'll keep you posted about results :D and for those curious, if it makes me vomit or not like real Military boot camps....


By the way since it seems overwhelming to follow(ONLINE) I actually went and printed myself out a calendar for each week's exercises and then a daily list so I wouldn't have to stare at the screen. I gave myself this whole week to prepare to start this. And alhamdulillah it helped to have the extra time.

So "Hooah!" Onto Being Healthy!

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