3:44 AM

Week 1, Day 1

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I feel like A blob of Jello catapulted across the room and smashed into a wall.  After oozing down the wall to land with a splat; I, Jello-Muslimah, was trampled by a herd of wild Buffalos.

Other than that the first day of workout went fine!
I only felt nausious for four hours after!
I didn't throw up! (For those interested in too much information)

Whooo Hooo! Bring on Tomorrow!

2 intelligent thoughts:

Umm Aaminah said...

Alhamdulillah for it all! :-) You know, I used to make the excuse was too hard to get to the gym, especially after Aaminah was born (my 21 mo old). Well now in our new apartment complex we have a nicely equipped little gym. In my building. On my floor. 4 doors down. Wow. I still don't go. lol So kudos sis and stick with it!

Ma salaama...

American Muslima Writer said...

SubhanAllah I know what you mean and things slack off longer and longer until you're confronted with an enormous problem instead of a smaller problem in the begining.

Try to get someone to watch your baby (mabrouk!) while you get some ME time in. It's nice to have a small break from kids sometimes u know. Insha'Allah you'll get the power to go down to it, masha'Allah it is sooo close!!! AND FREE!!! ARG!!!! HEHEHE!

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