On my way to blogging about my latest and greatest event in my life I ran across another Blogger's touching post. A post on Letting Go. I found it touching and meaningful and words that rang with truth.

Check it out here: Changing My World ~ Random Muslima, Letting Go

Part of putting your priorities in order is being able to let go of things that in the end are not as important. Sometimes people put something like dusting above doorways above the importance of keeping a marriage together. Sometimes people put money before the value of a human life. Sometimes people put going to a club or not wanting to mess up their make-up before Prayer to Allah. Sometimes we think dropping a plate and it breaking is a catastrophe equal to the Catastrophe of Haiti. Perhaps even the simple act of air leaving the lips in the form of a word like TALAQ is equal to a life with no purpose or meaning.

People must learn to put into perspective what important priorities are. Every single one of us must sit down for a moment or perhaps ten and think of our top ten to twenty priorities. Everything else after that is NOT AS IMPORTANT. You just MIGHT have an option of letting it go. You need to weigh each matter and decide where on the scale of YOUR life it weighs. Let go of those small matters consuming your mind. Get your current priorities done and dealt with or put into order and insha'Allah in the future there will be time to get to the others.

 Sometimes if you keep trying to juggle a million things in the air it will all come crashing down. Start with the heavier things. Slowly start spinning one or two around and then add each next one in order until you can manage your top ten or twenty. Once you have that juggled, work on the next minor issues until they are safely supported. If one drops or puts the others out of balance perhaps you might need to do without it for a while to keep the harmony. Work up to adding it in again.

I dare you.  Go write down your list right NOW.
(No you don't have to share it)

Once you get those written go check out some motivational blogs about how to get your life in order and start implementing some steps to ease life a bit. There are dozens out there.

3 intelligent thoughts:

Safiyyah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum Brandy:

JAK for this post and for the reminder.

I am constantly cleaning house of toxic situations and toxic people. The dunya has a way of draining my energy and defocusing me from Allah swt. I have to remind myself that it is my responsibility to stay on the Straight Path.

Take care dear
Love you

Safiyyah said...

PS - check out this:

American Muslima Writer said...

Salam Saf,

Yes Toxic people and situations can really take their toll on one's life and health especially.

Goodness life IS so short sometiems you have to realize in the end is stying in a toxic situation gonna get me to Jannah?
Is this issue so important than the wellbeing of my soul....

Love ya too hon and take extra care of yourself!!!

PS: I love this blog thanks for the link! I love her other one too Sole Sisters. i'm gonna feature her in IWA tomorrow (thanks for the unintentional reminder ;) )

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