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Case of the Missing Pen

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At 15:00 hours MST, a young girl searched in vain for a loved one she lost many times over. Authorities believe that the missing was thin and blue, black head, with blue ink, and gnawed cap. Though it vanished mysteriously they believe no foul play was involved.
"I had it a minute ago," the girl was quoted saying brokenly, while dabbing her eyes with a soft blue tissue. Her eyes shifted restlessly around the room as if suddenly her beloved would appear.
Though the best agents of the CIA, FBI, and local police have searched the premises with a fine tooth comb they haven't found any evidence of the victim. An insider who wishes to remain anonymous says she suspects the girl herself saying, "She's so careless and flighty you know. She sometimes sets it down on a bus, or on a table, or even on a bench in the park and then just walks away without it in an imaginative daze. I've seen her do it a hundred times. She has a secret stash you know. A whole drawer full of them. I think she's an addict."
After this information was revealed the girl was taken into custody and thoroughly interrogated. After three hours of denial she finally confessed, "All right! I admit it! I'm a pen addict! I keep twenty packs of them stuffed around my house, in my backpack, my purse, my pockets, even in the bathroom! They are sometimes the same color and sometimes multi-colored and sometimes I'm very careless with them. I can't handle the responsibility of keeping track of them all. I can't help it though. I use them up so fast writing 20 pages a day that I need many around me. "
After her confession she was taken to a writer's rehab where she was subjected to remain in a blank room alone for two months without a writing utensil or paper. She had this to say upon leaving, "The first two weeks were the hardest. I took to writing on my plate with ketchup until they took away my plate. I was only allowed solid foods after that but I kept trying to form them into letter shapes secretly. The security cameras caught me each time. Now though I feel like a new person. They convinced me I don't need to write down every little thought that comes into my head. Some thoughts I CAN let pass. I'm a new me..."
Our insider though had the last word to add, "No one ever changes, don't give me this 'new me' bull. So she went through rehab but that hasn't stopped her. I saw her heading into the stationary store just yesterday with a crisp $100. You think she bought bubble gum? She's resupplying. Mark my words no paper can sleep safe tonight with her on the loose with a mass of pens. She's sloppy too leaving them as a trail as she goes. No one really stops writing. Keep dreaming."

I admit it too, I'm a pen hoarder. I have always lost them and bought more packs to ensure my supply wont fizzle when I need one the most. Sometimes though I'd loose my last one and be miles from a stationary store and I'd have to resort to BORROWING them. Sometimes I'd loose those too. My younger sister-in-law makes sure when I leave a room she has her pen back because she knows if it leaves the door with me she'll never see it again. I have a few quotes about my pens.

"A writer without a pen is like an artist without a paintbrush." -Brandy A. Chase (my sister-in-law cringes every time I quote this because she knows that means I'm on the hunt for her pens.)

"There is few things more beautiful than a blank paper and a new pen." -Brandy A. Chase

Legal Disclaimer: This article 'Case of the Missing Pen' & two quotes were supplied fully by the blogger's active imagination and any resemblance to an actual article, person, or circumstances is pure coincidental and of Allah's Will.

2 intelligent thoughts:

Maryam said...

I am a pen-addict too, I love love love to write. I couldnt imagine myself without a pen and a sheet of paper atall.
That doesnt mean,After my confession you are gonna send a rehab team to my house to take me, Are you ... ?? ;-)

American Muslima Writer said...

Hahaha thanks for the confession! Isn't it terrible when you cant buy a small purse because it wont fit your notebook and pens? I never have small purses bcuz when i do it has papers folded into quarters and three pens *just in case*....sooo don't worry your secret is safe with me....
*dials writer's rehab behind back on speeddial #4.....* ;)

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