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Dizzy 2

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Just living one day at a time trying to improve my life so that in the future i can improve others. How can I take care of my kids if life is crazy? Alhamdulliah for those helping me realize to take things as you can and just give yourself up to Allah and His Will of your life. Everyday I want to scream and run and burn the house down (not because I'm a pyro-well actually I am but that's besides my point here, which is to get rid of physical things that tie one down to a place). My friend kindly took me literally by the face making me focus on her direct words and her deep knowledgeable eyes. She told me beautiful words that I try every minute to re-affirm and adhere to. Every new problem that adds fuel to the fire burning in me I try to sooth with her words. Sometimes I'm consumed though and later when left with ashes I try to rebuild and re-affirm. This is such a big trial for me subhanAllah.
Sometimes the tears threaten to come and choke me but I swollow hard and harden my eyes and refuse to let them come this time. They didn't help in the past so how can they help this time? I don't want to be a slave to tears. I want to do something and to be shown what path to take this time.

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Safiyyah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum Sis:

Mabrook for the self-improvement jihad. It will be worth it!

Love and Hugz

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