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On the Fritz

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My PC went wacko.
My phone is going wacko.
My DVD player (that my daughter is addicted to) went wacko.


So my hubby brought home his work laptop and we have to literally run an extension cord to the garden where there is a faint signal of Wireless Net to use. Ugh! This is my first time haveing 2 minutes peace without kids to internet so sorry out there for taking so long to comment but i only have half an hour to do everything. So it may be a while before everything is settled and I can post and comment on my and other's blogs so I'm sad but what can i do? Maybe this was a good thing because i was severly addicted to blogging and being cut off has freed a lot of time hehehe. Anywho, I'm just hoping to get around to visiting you all soon and that you'll comment if you havent already on my other posts until i get back. :)
Thanks a billion and make du'a I get everything fixed and replaced!

3 intelligent thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you missed you...
And I am glad you got a few minutes of "mommy time" lol..I really appreciate "mommy" time. Heck now....I even now want to send my mother a gift everday...I never knew how hard it was and how much you had to be dedicated..until I got one of my own to watch. There should be a mother's day once a month.

ANd I know about the "gizmo" problems..when one goes wrong the others follow

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

Everyone's addictions went whacko, lol!

See you when you get back, Insha Allah!

Miss Muslimah said...

Im glad you were able to update..I came on here to see if you had posted anything,you were mia(i noticed!) and if not I was just about to email you;see if you were alright...
alhamdulillah you're good :)

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