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Don't get me wrong. When i said aim low that doesn't mean don't have high expectations for your life. By all means strive hard in your life but when trying to reach those high expectations start slowly and work your way up. Everyone has hopes and dreams but sometimes we loose sight of our hopes. Hope is what drives our lives. Gives us meaning to go on when all seems lost.
Many of us expect failure if things don't work out quickly. We give up any hopes that things will turn around. We must be reminded that Allah is capable of all things. Don't think you wont get that promotion you've always dreamed of because Bob Shnob has been sucking up to the boss? Just make du'a and put your trust and hopes with Allah that he will fulfill your dream. Or maybe it is a problem more close to home...your family. Perhaps you've given up hope of ever working things out with someone you have a problem with.

This happened with me just a few days ago. I lost all hope that my marriage would make it. I gave up and resigned myself to figuring out the single life. Then I called my Canadian friend and begged her for advice and mash'Allah did she come through! After hanging up I renewed my hope that this strategy might work. It was worth a shot. So after Hubby came back from Jummah prayer I took him by the shoulders and apologised for my haste in loosing hope in our marriage and I told him words that would give him hope to continue too. In less than 5 minutes a month's worth of problems seemed meaningless and a new ray of hope ran between us. Of course I did have to work really hard to prove to him that my words are meaningful and then because I worked hard so did he. Masha'Allah. See what just a little hope can do! Just put your trust with Allah and He will take care of you. Just like a child places it's trust and hopes with it's parents to catch it when it falls. (But with Allah of course it's the Greatest)

One of the worst problems that comes with depression (I've had it so I DO understand this) is hopelessness. The feeling that nothing will ever have meaning again. Nothing will turn out right and no one can fix it. But this is just not so. Everything has meaning because Allah created it to. So being the Creator we should put our hopes in His Will.
There is always room for more hope in our lives and if we let Shaytan(Satan) fuel our fires of depression and hopelessness we are LETTING him win. We can fight him by putting our hopes with the All-Powerful, Most Merciful, All-Forgiving, Creator of us.
So I will make a "tagged" for people to try and realize where their hopes lay.

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Safa said...

first time stumbling over here......I enjoyed this post. Even though my marriage is now in the gutter.....oh well.....some problems can't be taken away by nice, forgiving words........

May Allah always be beside you, ameen.

PM said...

Salaam Alaikum sister,

Have you had your thyroid checked? I am sure you know that hypothyroidism exacerbates depression and will make it very difficult to lose weight. If you haven't done it yet, try to get a good physical and endocrinological check-up.


Stranger in this Dunya said...

Assalaamu alaikum,
Alhamdu Lillah sister. :) Alhamdu Lillah for a good friend with good advice... may Allah bless your marriage and make it successful, ameen. Honestly I think we all have very low periods in our marriage but if you are meant to be together good sense and compromise will make it work. Umm Ibrahim xxx

PS Love the idea for the tag... will mull it over. :)

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