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Oldies song: Dizzy, I'm so dizzy my head is spinin'..........

From all the circles my husband puts me through. One day we're fine and the next we're not. I don't know what to do about it anymore really. Same old arguments and same old answers. Sure I reply to your blogs out there about relationship problems you have but that doesn't mean mine is perfect either. And now I'm the one who's lost and confused with no one to talk to. My phone is out of units too so I can't call anyone and I can't ask HIM to get me more since he said he's NOT coming home tonight..... when is he coming home? I dunno......should I care though? Not DO I CARE .. SHOULD......! Just when i thought i had a possible solution to talk over with him he acts like this so I don't know anymore what to do. We've had counceling and gotten through a really bad almost divorce. We were fine and happy last night then all of a sudden this afternoon noooo. I try to talk it out and he ignores me. What can i possibly do? No I'm not asking anyone for answers because though you can show sympathy for what I'm dealing with you don't knwo the whole story to provide answers.... I was all ready in my depressed dizziness to just delete my blogs thinking no one reads them anyways but after all the replies to my What's in a name? post that were positive i might keep it up but still not sure.
SO for now I'm in an unfunkable funk and that's all for today. No comments please.

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