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Bad Timing....

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for my 101 post it's a let down sorry friends and devoted readers...

i'm just letting you know i remain out of action for this week until things get back to normal in my life. My in-laws laeft last week. My hubby accidently downloaded pc virus when he thought it was a anti-virus program...evil genious hackers.... at the same time the pc power supply melted from heat and dust so it died a painful death. While he tries to upload the new programs and everything going from windows 2000 (relic thing i tell you), and sort things out he brought me his work laptop to work on my landscape designs ONLY.. and check my e-mail now and then.... but no blogging for now. and i had soo many ideas and thoughts to share with you all for the next 100 ;) but they'll have to wait....what very bad timing...yet Allah's will.

i miss you all.


i do.

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Aalia said...

Oo0ops! LoL!

Okay well come back soon cuz we miss u too :-D

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