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Ohh I love this picture. I wanted something symbolizing my name so I did some random googling on the content of my blogging name and came up with a few pictures that I combined using PAINT and voila an awesome and interesting new pic was born ;)

Hope you like it.

4 intelligent thoughts:

Habayeb said...

hey nice! althou at 1st i did think the scarf was some kinda carved rock :P..umm yeah i sumtimes imagine weird stuff :S

Miss Muslimah said...

Very nice Brandy!

American Muslima Writer said...

thanks Hab and MM! glad you liek it. yeah the first time i saw the hijab pic i was like hmmm noooo then after trying to find another symbol of hijab i couldn't get one so this one does look kinda geo-styled wit the golden colors gradiation against hte black

Yasmine :) said...

I like the new pic for sure.. especially the one of you... you look resilient.. sista.. mashallah ;)

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