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Foul is for Fools....

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I'm not a bean fan. Only beans I like are mexican beans and the beans that come with that little piece of pork in it. Naturally I no longer eat the second type. My roomate pre-maturely jinxed me from eating the arabic foul. She told me a million times how much she hated making and serving this to her ex and his family.

"It smells like dog food and tastes like it too, it's only fit for dogs husband used to gobble it up like a dog, which is why he is a dog."

Sooo THAT kind of put me off from it. When I got to Lebanon and was experiencing the beauty of Arab foods it was this one I was the most curious about. Does it really smell and taste like dog food? I was served it and it looked good with oil and cumin on top. I took a hesitant bite with a number of faces staring avidly waiting for my reaction. As the spoon entered my mouth the heavy smell of


entered my nose and I tried to suppress it...maybe it tastes better? So I let it enter and chewed it up and it tasted a little better but still had that after taste of

Dog Food......

I wrinkled my nose and the family threw each other knowing looks and whisked it to their side of the table. I was grateful. I know it can be delicious but no thank you when it comes to favabeans/foul.

[thank you Mrs. S for this idea, and thus I'm not full of Arab Blood ;) ]

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Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

I have eaten Fava beans prepared by Sudanese and Palestinian sisters. I wonder if that makes the difference? Because I LOVE them, lol.

American Muslima Writer said...

I'm wondering that too... Maybe I should just try the bean itslef with no flavors and then try adding some slowly....
I'm glad you liek them though and weren't too grossed out by my post.

Aalia, a chaser of Jannah said...

My husband and son luuuuv foul!

UmmLayla said...

The ones that come all mashed already in the can are kinda gross. You might like it if you got the whole beans and mashed them yourself as well as adding garlic, butter and maybe cumin and lemon to your liking. We all like it here at my house... Of course you have to have warm bread with it:)

L_Oman said...

We make ours like Hummos - eat it with boiled eggs and olives with 'libnani' bread. Yummo!

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