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Hummos...hold the olive oil Please!

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Hummos bedun Zayt Zaytoon min fadlik!

Also at the same restraunt as the Lebne my roomate ordered Hummos. I had never ever tasted anything like it before. But I absolutly love it! Made with either canned chickpeas or with fresh ground or partially ground it is delicious. I can make it at home anytime too when I'm in need of a quick side plate. Just pop open the can dump out add a bit of water, fresh lemon juice, two cloves freshly smashed garlic with salt, tahini (seasame seed paste), and mix it up. Then arange it on a shallow bowl in a circle maybe make a beautiful shape inside the blowl for the olive oil to glide over elegantly. At the edges add a dash of cumin and paprika, and top it with one or three olives (sunnah is odd numbers).

Though in my case HOLD THE OLIVE OIL PLEASE!!!!!!!

It makes me absolutly sick to my stomche about an hour after I eat it. Maybe it is growing up without it. I'm not sure the cause or the cure. My Husband COULD literally drink it from the bottle though. He douses everything with it. "Get me salt, oh and the oil..." Anytime we want to eat lebne or hummos with his family I have to quickly scoop some into a special bowl for me before they slather on the oil. It took my mother in law a few months to get used to the fact I can eat nothing oily even if it is OLIVE oil. Now she knows and has my special plate already seperated for me, bless her. Though the older women don't just use it for eating. They rub it into their skin for aiding health of ANY ailment. I understand there must be some good in it or they wouldn't do it but I draw the line of massaging myself with it (or my kids because who has to clean up their oily bodies? me...). Rubbing? Nope. Eating? Nope.

UNTIL reccently.....

Maybe I AM becoming Arab..... I was at Pizza Hut a few months back and had this special sauce they had with this tasty little squares of bread. The menu said the sauce was made with olive oil, butter, rosemary, minced onions, and thyme (zayt zaytoon, zibd, rosemary, basal isgar, wa zatar) so I tried it and masha'Allah I cannot get enough of this sauce. I ate it all and then took extra home with me. When it was gone i craved more and had to make it myself. I chopped the onions as small as i could and took two spoons of butter and heated them both in the frying pan. When the onions were turning pinkish I added two spoons olive oil, two spoons thyme, and one spoon rosemary. Let it cook for another few minutes until the best delicious fragrance emerges and the onions look right (redish on the edges) then add it to ANY DISH! Works wonders with potatoes and chicken, not to mention just by itself with bread....

Me eating olive oil.... go figure..... and it didn't make me sick at all.

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Habayeb said...

uve made me hungry now :|

I want Hummus and pizza!!!!!!!!!!!
i loooooooove hummus and i like olive oil in it too...oh did ya mean the garlic breads at pizza hut? hmm abt the sauce....never had that i guess...n lol ur MIL now wud give out a sigh of relief now that ur having olive oil :P

Aalia, a chaser of Jannah said...

MMMMMM hummous... But just like foul and labna, I had to get used to the different taste. Same with wareg anab but ask anyone and they will tell you, "Aalia is obsessed with sham food, especially humous and wareg anab!"

aint that the truth :-D

ammena said...

yummy.. sauce sounds delicis sis masha'allah.. when i came to canada i was shocked at the subway sauces... no olive oil, they looked at me like i was stupid. Maybe its the meditterean in me :) i love it though, although maybe i will get sick of it IF it has to go with every meal

ilka said...

salamu alaykum

olive oil (extra virgin) is a very healthy oil....even Dr. Oz on Oprah said so:). when ppl use it for their hair or body they just use a little, not so much to make them oily, cause it is a natural moisturizer. I use it to cook with rather than corn or sunflower oil.

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