How many opportunities pass us every day to better ourselves in some way? To better not only ourselves but others near and far from us. Allah has sent us time after time opportunities and we've spurned them or tried our utmost to attain them. Only Allah knows what each of these opportunities will bring to our life. For example, some may get a raise and some may get fired. Both very good opportunities to change one's life.
I've had some interesting opportunities in UAE to learn what could come of the future. Not all have panned out but it still taught me alot about life. My husband has been offered interviews for fabulous jobs that would change our whole life and how we live it but they didn't work out. I was trying to open that craft store called "Dare Your Creativity!" but til now haven't gotten a sponsor for it. People have suggested I go to design college for interior designing. I'm just not at that stage right now for college. Oh yes I do believe it's good to be educated. Don't get me wrong about that. I just said I PERSONALLY wasn't good at school work but I love learning and love "education". ANd if the time comes for me to go back to school it will be something i do with all my heart but again I don't see it RIGHT now in my future. Allahu Alim.
Yesterday night my husband got my blood rushing madly and passionately though my veins. Now, now don't be naughty.....nothing like THAT. Apparently he spoke with a man who is using the company my husband works for to install thing in his house. He was asking him about what he will do later with the garden when the house is complete and the man said he was definitly going to have a magnificent garden put in. My husband naturally asked who will the designer be. The man frowned and said he didn't want a professional designer, HE WANTS AN ARTIST! He asked my husband if he knew any artists and my husband replied, "OF COURSE, MY WIFE!"
AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! What a man! (excuse my girly screams of joy) So when he called me up telling me about this golden opportunity to design this man's garden I was thrilled. Thats a challenge! Then I was stunned. I know alot of about designing, art, and gardens but am i good enough that he would consider choosing MY design?
Just a few hours ago we went to the site where they are building his villa (mansion) and I sketched out the plans of the house and grounds. I checked out each view from the window and tried to imagine what exactly the occupant wanted to see both from a man and woman's perspective. I checked out his taste in decor thus far to get a feel of his style. Which is extremely symmetrical, classical, and eclectic. What a project. Next step will be going to a large local plant nursery to check out what local plants they have here to decorate with. Then a meeting with the man to finalize in my mind his tastes and wants. Then to the drawing board. I'm glad I kept the 3D landscaping program my Daddy got me as a teen. Its going to come in very handy right now. Sweet hubby just installed it to the PC. Hubby also said if this man picks my design then he'll tell his friend and so on and I'll get lots of work (that i can do at home). I'm thinking so far if I get this opportunity and he accepts and then I get another chance and excel again then I'll think about going to some kind of design landscaping/gardening college or online courses. I already used to watch waaaay too much BBC gardening/designing and HGTV fix it yourself and designing and gardening etc... erm that was before I banned TV..... hmmmm.
The point is Allah has given me an oppourtunity to do something and learn something and I'm not going to waste it for sure. If Allah Wills for me to succeed at this then I will be grateful and if not I will still be happy I had the chance to do something new. Life is always an adventure and every opportunity is the chance to start one.

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Habayeb said...

errr is sumthin wrong wid my pc? or i really cant see the post just the heading?

American Muslima Writer said...

Hab you're just too fast for me dear! I wrote the post title and my michevious son took the liberty of pushing enter for me... publishin it. Then I edited to type the post then published it then forgot my spellchecking (badly needed :p) and re-edited it then forgot i wanted a picture so edited again ehehe.. so no it's not your computer it is this zany blogger you read....sooo funny because i was like I bet no one will even notice for 5 minuted there was just a title on my blog. you caught me. ;)

Habayeb said...

heyyyyy thats gr8 masha'allah! hope he choses ur designs n may u get success in whtever u do Ameen :) ya know its happened many times that ive left a job even thou they had a really good pay..i mean sumtimes my heart never felt right ya know...or sumthin just used to happen that i cudnt do the job or wudnt even get the job i wanted but then alhamdulilah so many good things happened instead ya really if u have faith that everything is from Allah...Qadr n everythin then whtever happens, happens coz its khair for u or He gives u sumthin more better than wat u wanted.
Oh hey, when i get married n wanna get the interiors of my home done insha'allah, i know who to look for:D

PS- Hey next time u come to Dubai do lemme know! maybe we cud just talk or even meet if ur coming sumwhere near my place!

American Muslima Writer said...

Hab absolutly. I'll let you know when i go to dubai next time maybe we can meet.
Annnnd of course I'd Loooove to desin anything you throw at me ;)
I'm glad even the bad things that have happened to you, you've kept your chin up and foound something better.

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

Wonderful, Masha Allah. Mabrook to you for the new opportunity.

I may go to Dubai in January, Insha Allah. If so, we will have to hook up. My best Muslim sister, the other half of my heart, who brought me to Islam with strong and beautiful dawah, lives there.

American Muslima Writer said...

EEk mashallah you're coming here! Yes we HAVE to meet! I will be awaiting the date eagerly. May allah grant you safe travels....
Ooooooo there is a sister that wonderful here onl 2 hour drive from me!?!?!! Give her my e-mail. See if maybe she'd liek to meet with me too. :D Wow Dubai IS the place to hook up with people...

Ah and thanks for the mabrouk I needed that...I'm feeling a little underconfident these past few days...

Ilka said...

salamu alaykum

designing a garden sounds very exciting, challenging and fun. let us know how you progress but more importantly focus so that you can do well and receive many more designing jobs inshAllah.

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