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"MaaSalaama" Bush

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"This is a farewell kiss, you dog," Muntadhar Al-Zeidi yelled in Arabic as he threw his shoes at President Bush. "This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq."

From me too. I support! I applaud! I shout encore! I laughed myself breathless with glee!

The sheer brilliance of using your shoe as a weapon. There is the real Iraqi Weapon of Mass Destruction! A pair of shoes! AAAHAHAHAHAAAA.

Sooo befitting a send off for the worst President in perhaps the History of America. A shame it didn't hit him smack on his arrogant forehead. It said in news reports that his shoes were being held in custody. For some reason this makes me laugh. It is the only thing everyone in the room managed to get past security: their shoes. Perhaps from now on people will have to act like Muslims and take off their shoes before entering a building for a conference. New Anti-Shoe Acts are being formulated around the world.

Masha'Allah this man, this strong brave BRILLIANT man! Who stood up as we all should have. Who put a bad man in his rightful place -ducking for the floor. Sadly he's been captured. Although in the video did you see the President's security running in looking darn sheepish AAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. Secret Service Masterminds they are not. The Iraqi's are holding a rally to free this man and I think we on the blog lands have a duty too to free this HERO. Feel free to forward this to one and all to encourage freeing this wonderful man.


A news reported that some wondered who will be brave enough to hit Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, when she comes to visit the Middle East again. I wonder though what the shoe will be. I think this beautiful Stiletto would be perfect. Any takers? Who will be the next hero?

I'm sure Obama will be extra careful not to piss off us now that he knows we have an unlimited source of weapons. Our own shoes.

Those who are already tisking me for my "UnAmerican Thoughts" Puleeeeeze! More than half USA hates Bush. Bush deserves far worse. I pray some day he'll be held accountable for his WAR CRIMES.

THANK YOU HABAYEB! On her site is the video of Bush getting shoes thrown at him.

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always in the kitchen said...

Bush got what he deserved and yet I can't but help wonder;if the shoes had been hurled at Saddam would the reporter be alive today?

Habayeb said...

Muntadar al-Zaidi has suffered a broken hand, broken ribs and internal bleeding, as well as an eye injury, his older brother, Dargham, told the BBC. I pray for him to get better soon...and we know now why Bush didnt care much! #$^5^!#

Ms.Unique said...

Nice post sis ..... but it's too lil 4 all his crimes even if it had hit him I'd say ..... May Allah protect this man surely he was brave .... I heard he called him a dog too ..... :) .... I'd rather call him a beast of prey .... ;)

NiDa said...

AWSOME POST! :D ALLAHU AKBAR... Thank Allah for people like this brother!! Finally some one stood up and showed him this Shoe!!!! The Bloodi Bastard said : he just wanted atentions, I don't know why he did that" - YOU only killed 100s of thousand of IRaqis, you JERK!!!!

May Allah reward the brother for his courage!!!!!

Great post once again sis :)

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Brandy:

Attempting to assault people is not from Islam, no matter what the justification, and is a behavior that should not be applauded by any Muslim who fears Allah (swt). Bombs, bullets, beheadings, stone throwing, shoe throwing ... whatever the weapon.

American Muslima Writer said...

Dearest Kitchen,
I've heard this phrase many times and it matters not about Saddam really. I believe (correct me if I'm wrong though) The Iraqis have him in custody so it's not liek he's under direct American control. Saddam was a (&^@&*#^@(#& TOO and I'm glad the &*(^&*@^ is dead. I don't care WHO the war criminal is... he gets what he deserves. I'm sure Bush would love to kill this dude secretly who caused him such humiliation but of course the world wouldn't stand for it and it would be soooo "un-western" so he'd never get away with it which is why he's been laughing it off. I'd have a bit more respect for him if he'd give a serious speech about how he really felt not all this joking "it was a size 10". So weither Saddam was shoed or not is not the point and I really feel reporteers are trying to boost Bush when they make commetns like that. Like it's ok this man is suffering in jail because it could be worse he could be dead.

American Muslima Writer said...


American Muslima Writer said...

Hab, thanks for the update! Subhan'Allah poor man, may Allah ease his suffering.

American Muslima Writer said...

Ms Unique,
Absolutly right it is too little. I wish they'd make a war crimes trial for him and give him the death penelty. (just as they did for Saddam)
I personally don't mind he's getting away with it in this life cause next life WHOA BABY! Insha'Allah he'll recieve his punishment by the ONE Who has the Power to Punish.
I wonder what's the total of blood on his hands in his Record.

American Muslima Writer said...

NiDa- SUbhanAllah SOME PEOPLE are sooo blind. Exactly "don't know why he did it" my FOOT! He's trying to shake it off to gain American sympathies. Well he doesn't have mine. Tabiir! ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR ALLAHU AKBAR!
Not hundreds dearest, THOUSANDS. and on top of that THOUSANDS of soldiers from all over the world INCLUDING HIS OWN AMERICANS!

American Muslima Writer said...

Saf darling I really dissagree on many counts.
First: Sometimes Violance IS nessisary if the message has not been understood by words or other simple peaceful actions.
Take for EXAMPLE a husband who corrects his wife's behavior fist he doesn't speak to her then if she's still acting messed up he doesn't share his bed with her then fianlly he has the right to lightly beat her (with a siwak-toothbrush) to show his dissproval. Violence is allowed in some ways. Now Bush has been corrected thousands of times with words but he doesn't care. People have held peaceful rallies and he doesn't care. Poeple have threatened and killed Americans Hostiges to show their dissproval and he doesn't care. People have tried political ways to get through to him and he doesn't care. i think this shoe was quite appropriate.
SECOND it didn't even hit him (too bad) so no actaul physical harm done. It humiliated him which should have brought his arrogant butt lower to be more humble. It didn't. The idiot is beyond help. We are encouraged to bring the arrogancy down. Again we've tried other ways and it has not worked. last resort IS violance.
Third thinka bout it traditionally. The muslims took the meccans beatings and such and took it and took it and took it and fainlly they were free to fight back. Did they shake the meccan's hand on the battlefield? No they cut off their heads (rightly so). I strongly beleive a little shoe is a drop in the bucket of what this criminal deserves. Not jsut for the Muslims but for ALL of the poeple he's killed in this fiasco of "war". Remember he is a leader of the opposite side of a war it is valid for him to be a target of assasination. The fact it was a shoe instead of a bullet or such matters not really. It IS WAR. Just because he can protect himself by distance and by people under him making orders doesnt' mean he's not a legitamate target. If Bush wants war then he has to take on the responsability. Just liek when the rock hit the Prophet's mouth and broke his tooth. The Prophet wasn't sitting in an office signing paperwork. he was on the battlefield as a legitamate target.
Sometimes Violance is the answer Saf. Sure as Muslims we shoudl strive to be peaceful but when that fails (as it already has) I beleive we have a right to change things with our HANDS.
[with all due respect Saf]

Anonymous said...

as salamu alaykum

I think we should "feel" for our brothers & sisters in Iraq and all those countries experiencing the same subhan'Allah! If we could only feel the sadness of having one member of our family killed by a st?**d soldier of a stupid war...then we would start to throw shoes..and maybe more...

...I think

great post mash'Allah ukhti!! :)

always in the kitchen said...

I didn'realize that the shoe thrower had suffered such injuries.I pray he'll be O.K.In the press here when they show the incident,they're like the Iraquais have free speech.I guess it's just another lie.
Yes,Mr.Bush and his cronies have a lot to answer for with all the suffering they have caused both in Iraq and here in the states.
I had read Condi was out buying thousand dollar shoes when people were drowning in Katrina and no one came to their aid for days.
They have fleeced our country,destoyed Iraq,and destroyed the image of the U.S abroad.
I applaud the bravery of the shoe thrower.In many ways he is a true hero.

Aalia said...

You're it!

Habayeb said...

Btw, it was also reported that he might also get jailed for 15yrs if convicted for murder......MURDER! with what SHOES? impossible freaks!

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Brandy:

Of course, you know that I am always respectful of the opinions of others.

I have to comment that Islam DOES NOT support domestic violence. Our Rasoolallah (saw) NEVER hit any of his wives. And he always chastised the Sahabah when they did it. He even granted divorces to Sahabiyat with abusive husbands. We must be careful how Islam is presented with our written words. As you are aware, non-Muslims read our blogs. The ayat you quoted describes the "limits". Also, the miswak is a metaphor. How much damage can be done with one? :) Allah (swt) is always cautioning the Muslims about transgressing limits. Just because something is "permitted" in the Quran doesn't mean it HAS TO BE DONE ... another example of this is polygny. What is allowed by limits is not fard upon the Muslim.

A swat from a miswak does not compare to a shoe in the head. One woman in the audience, the White House press secretary, ended up with a black eye because she ended up smacked with a microphone in all of the excitement that followed the shoe-throwing incident. There are many unintended consequences of behavior. Did the journalist hit her with the microphone? No. But his behavior resulted in her getting hurt by someone else.

Hadith tells us that Muslims are not even permitted to rise up against an unjust ruler. Why? Because the consequences for the rest of the Muslims as a whole may be worse.

There are many "victims" of what this man did.

Now - for the other side: I initially laughed and thought it funny. I disagree with Bush's foreign policy. I understand the anger of the journalist and the Iraqi people.

Also, the shoe-throwing and showing the bottoms of your feet is also an insult among some Jewish peoples.

I believe this behavior is a Middle-Eastern behavior.

Love you Brandy ... you know you're my gurl!!!

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Brandy:

Here's a little thing you may like:

Posted over at Achelois.

Safiyyah said...

Here's another one:

Susie of Arabia said...

This brave man had the guts to stand up and do something that many people around the world would have loved to have done, but were afraid and didn't have the nerve. We, the people of the world, have let Bush get away with WAY too much for WAY too long. We have all had enough, but this brave man actually took a stand irregardless of the consequences. He DOES deserve a reward, an award, a medal, 10 million dollars, or whatever type of compensation for the suffering he is experiencing now. He is truly a hero!

American Muslima Writer said...

umm almujahid: sunhanallah yes of course we have to fel what theya re feeling the anger and sorrow at having their families killed and also in USA many peopel have lsot their children in this stupid war.

Thanks Kitchen for your powerful words :) yes Rice is just supremely like Bush.. ugh.

Hab thanks for the update it would be so terrible if he had to go to Prison for this for a long time.

American Muslima Writer said...

Lol habibi Saf, of course the siwak is metaphor that is taken out of context by many muslims and non-muslims I was in no way saying domestic violence is good. I thought eveyone knows the siwak is painless. It's a symbol of disproval liek in USA when a wife is trying to get her pestering husb out of the kitchen she'll smack him on the butt with a spatula, no harm done but just basic disproval.
Although I heard Allahu Alim the Prophet vowed to strike one of his wives because of the not good thing she said or did and so he had to complete his vow and so he took a long grass blade and "hit" her 50 times with it. People take this out of context too, how hard is a grass blade? I bet the whole time she was laughing. I bet it tickled.
So again although Violance is allowed under certain reasons and rules I'm not saying DOMESTIC VIOLANCE is allowed or encouraged.
Al though I see your point I don't agree that her gettign hit with the mic is HIS fault. It's the fault of he who hit her not paying attention.
Glad you saw humor in it though and thanks for the link :)

American Muslima Writer said...

Suzie, well said dear. He is sooo brave. Everyone is calling his the brave hero masha'Allah I hope eventaully he does get some kind of reward for his actions.

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