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Dusty Beads

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There is so much uncertainty in life. There are so many trials and temptations.
How do we make things easier for ourselves? Through Thikr (remembrance of Allah). Now you're going to say didn't you just make a whole post about thikr in Qur'an? Yes I did and shame on me I don't make thikr enough. I have about 7 thikr beads (for non-muslims they look like a catholic rosary- but most have 99 beads total in three sets of 33 with small seperators between the sets and one large bead or tassle for the 100th bead) and I used to use them a lot. Then people said it was better to use your fingers so I made a system on my fingers to make counting easy. But without something in your hand to remind me to do it often the habit has fallen on the wayside.
I felt uncertain and really crummy recently about the future and what it might hold for me and though I made my prayers and made my du'as I still felt this boiling of my mind. My feet led me to my shelf with my dusty collection of memorabilias and glassware where my thikr beads are laying neglected in an old necklace box. I picked up my favorite deep red one and started thumbing it when i noticed the thick layer of dust all over each bead. I felt sad, I felt ashamed, I felt I had to blog about it. As I signed in and waited for the loading I said my 33 Alhamdulillahs, 33 SubhanAllahs, 33 Allahu Akbars, and 1 shahada. I consentrated deeply on each of the words and what they mean & what I'm thankful for.

After I wrote all that and my son interupted me by crying and wanting his right of milk I took my beads to bed and after getting him to sleep I thought more and more about life and the challenges I'm facing. Sometimes I think we are too attatched to this life and we struggle so much in this life for things that wont mean much in the long run. I will make a blog about this later of course.
So with my less dusty beads I strove hard to remember a supplication that is very strong to say 100 times. I could only remember half of it but that half is very powerful. "I praise Allah by all of His creations." Which means for every grain of sand on this earth and all earths; for every drop of water that Allah has created; for every molicule in the air we breathe; for every drop of blood in every body ever made; for every angel, jinn, human, plant, animal; for every star in the sky; for every galaxy in the universe; and for every atom Allah has created ever and forever I praise Him and Him alone.
I felt so much peace and closeness to Allah subhana wa ta'ala. I clearly saw how short this life is and how much more I needed to strive in Islam to insha'Allah gain Jannah (Paradise) for ETERNITY.

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