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There are Black People in England?

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Some of my favorite books to read are Historical ROmance. I inherited a large shelf stuffed with historical Romances. Mainly of England. Beautiful Opinionated White women being sought after by Mr. Tall Dark and White Handsome. I loved the books and still do but at the age of 14 I kept searching book stores and came across "Black Romance". I thought wow that is interesting that they seperate the romance section Why can't there be mixed heros and heroines.
Later about 15/16ish I was watching boxing with my Grandfather and simultaniously formulating a plot and characters for my book when I hear "Up next England's Best Boxer from ***Shire." I look up expecting to see Mr Tall Dark and White Handsome and see a very dark gentleman pumping his boxing gloves together. My eyebrows rose but then when he started talking they nearly rose straight off my face. He had a british accent! Imagine that! a black person in England. I was beyond shocked not because of the boxer but because of my own stupidity and lack of knowledge. All books I ever read had whites in them and all history books talked about white kings and queens and royalty. I grew up with mexican friends and black friends but never did I ever hear of black poeple in England. I was angry that I was so stupid and lived in such a country that has so little multi-culturism that I'm 15/16 and was shocked by a black person with a british accent.
The same thing happened later when IN Lebanon and had learned by then that poeple from all over are all different colors and that is wonderful. I was introduced to a woman who was from SOuth Africa. I was therefore quite confused to meet a white woman with a british accent. She saw my confusion and was so sweet to me and explained about colonization and such. I felt stupid again. WHy does this keep happening. I'm not racist in any way I have friends from all colors and love them equally and dearly. But somehow becuase of the way I was raised in USA I didn't know that just because someone is from a certain area they have to be a certain color.
I just read an entry reply on PM's blog where someone said "I didn't know Puerto Ricans had (black) people." I relived the shame of that day watching the boxing match.
I read Angry Muslimah's entry on the injustice of Black WOman being treated unfairly in marriages especially darker blacks. Again I felt I wanted to comment that I'm glad she's sticking up for the sisters that need it but I was so ashamed from the day of the boxing match so I didn't reply.
I met a Canadian sister recently and was expecting to meet a white woman and was plesently surprised to see she was light black and had three beautiful dark kids. I didn't treat her differently of course because as I said I have friends from all walks of life and we had a wonderful long evening, but still WHY did I assume she was white before I met her?
So now I'm saying it for the world to hear WHY don't people understnad that there are people of all colors from all places? WHY am I constantly shocked and SHAMED?!?! I'm not racist I'M NOT!!!!!!!!! SO WHY the constant shock when I meet new people? WHy was I brought up to not know and expect things to be different?
What kind of thing should you call it when, as a child, you don't buy Black Romance novels? When you don't buy the black Barbies/dolls? When "Black Pollyanna" comes on and you get bored and switch on the white Pollyanna and are facinated? WHAT IS UP WITH THIS?!?!?! I don't like it! I'm ashamed of this!
Why didn't anyone ever tell me there ARE Black People in England!

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Bubbles said...

lol, that was funny, though you didn't mean it to be. Initially I couldn't reconcile black Brits with the accent because growing up I was only exposed to African Americans and Carribeans. It just seemed odd... but it's these kinds of thinking people accept unquestioningly that leads to prejudice. *sigh*

Thank you for the lovely comments, :)

Anonymous said...


to funny sis....I felt the same way when I went to Germany....the only black people there were me, and the US military....I felt like a fly in a bowl of

Anonymous said...

Oh sis,

you know I would rant and rave on your blog..about the race could go on for days.....but i don't want to scare off the squimish snooty me I have had a few over in my will get them soon...if you don't just limit your topics to babies, recipes, and hijab

I am leaving now,

American Muslima Writer said...

Oh dear sisters please say any comment you like because I'm all about ranting sometimes. If it's too graphic I'll moderate it slightly by editing just a few words (in an acceptable way) and then post it as put by the author.

Glad I'm not the only one who has this problem!

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