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Here we go merry-go-round, merry-go-round, here we go merry-go-round ALL FREAKIN DAY!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!

First it started out as an innocent cough from the far corner that is my daughter's bed at night. It moved up to a fever that kept her home from school for the day with some Panadol re-enforcements.
Now after Dr visits she's on anti-biotics for a full case of who knows what.
Then when we thought the ride was over the button was pushed again and it kept going...
Another more innocent cough started cuddled to my chest that is my son's place at night.
It moved faster to a full fever that started out my Jummah on a bad note
After Dr visit we thought it would be smoother like the first ride.
Then the merry-go-round started making odd noises and nearly threw us all off as son threw up anti-biotics twice no matter how I presented them.
All night with two kids fever and coughing that was barilly ebbed by beloved Captain Panadol, the hero of fevers.
After not eating all day because we were busy, hubby and I decided a treat to McDs would do to turn this merry-go-round ride from torment to fun.
Sure the food was good and daughter had fun on slides and climbing and son had fun playing with cardboard wrappings UNTIL!
Mommy nearly passes out from too much riding! I woosily get to the car and by the time we get home I'm beat and my head is throbbing. I weakly hold onto the merry-go-round and do my duty to my kids to make sure they are comfy in their beds as my body aches at every joint and muscle. My throat is particualrly scratchy and my head on fire. I down a ibuprophen and pray to Allah to make the ride stop just for a few hours so i can sleep. Allah answers my prayers and the ride is stopped but we are still chained to the merry-go-round. I wake up to three fevers, crying, now daughter yells tissue at the top of her scratchy voice every time her nose is a little drippy which is ALL the time. Also she says her eyes hurt as if she's about to go blind which frightens me a lot. The only reaon I'm able to blog on this merry-go-round that has lasted for a week now is because both kids are heat-comatose in fever and sleeping.
Ah but good things come to an end right? Please make du'a out there that we all get better soon and the merry-go-round will stop.

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CG said...

I sure hope you are all feeling better soon. Mine is in full force, and the fever will only dip a little after a brufen 600. If my kids come down with it too, then I will really be up the creek.

Miss Muslimah said...

Salaams my sister,

Oh,masha'allah.I'll make dua for for a swift and speedy recovery for you and the kiddies!

Anonymous said...

oh goodness! when one gets it, EVERYONE gets it! just make sure everyone is always washing their hands!

it has been very cold and windy here in the Northeast (US)! with all the snow, i think that i have not seen the grass in 5 months!!!

but, i thank God for the warmth that i do get when i see the sun peeking out!

have a beautiful day, and get better!



p.s. i updated my post about Arabic calligraphy! one of the artists i highlighted wrote me a note and i posted it! beautiful!

American Muslima Writer said...

cg: welcome! May Allah help you recover too and keep your kids from getting it.

Miss M: Thanks habibi!

Lush: Yes gotta keep those hands super clean, but i teach my daughter to cough into her elbow but ugh yesterday she went right up to the baby and coughed in his face i was so angry. subhan'Allah
I will check your site soon for the calligraphy. I love that kinda stuff!!!

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