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Merry-go-Round to Roller Coaster

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Ah we all thought the little merry-go-round was too fast, too exciting, too daring..... little did we know the roller coaster that it lead to next was more extreme!

We wobbled off the merry-go-round looking like things were going to get better because Captain Panadol (Tylenol) and Superwoman Cough Syrup help save us from doom. Then they went to take a nap and a crowd rushed by us and swept us up into the line of a roller coaster and before we could even protest here we are flying full speed to only Allah knows where.
Daughter cries that the coaster is making her fever too high and the rushing winds make her cough up her lungs. Baby doesn't mind the hieghts anymore as his fever has vanished alhamdulliah but those winds are giving him one nasty croak of a cough. I'm trying to hang on so I don't fall off on the loop-de-loops but I also have to hold my WHOLE family in place and make sure that every 4-6 hours Captain Panadol and Superwoman Cough Syrup show up and try to slow the ride. (I feel like a pharmasist) When I thought I couldn't possibly be stretched further HUbby comes down over night with aches and pains, fever, cough and finally took my advice to stay with me on the coaster instead of running away to his cozy job free of germs. Though it's hard to hold everyone and myself on the ride we have a new re-enforcement of Flash Ibuprofen. He's super fast and super strong and he's taking the bite out of germs. While Captain Panadol and Superwoman Cough Syrup try to fix the coaster to stop, Flash Ibuprofen is the real hero because he keeps me and hubby sane enough to help the little ones. We are in a battle that is indeed mighty fierce but through it I know Allah will cure us and make my babies smiling again. For only with Allah is there cure. He gave us the Captin Panadol, Superwoman Cough Syrup, and Flash Ibuprofen and only HE can make them strong enough to help us.

Thank you sisters and brothers out there who have wished us well to recovery and plz keep us in your du'a.

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