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Miss Muslimah is nervous to wear hijab and that is normal. Everyone has this nervousness at first about what people will say to them.

My mom didn't like when I wore it because people asked HER questions and she didn't know what to reply.

I want all the sisters and brothers out there to write the offensive and funny comments they have gotten for hijab and what they replied to that so others can have something to say when they are confronted.... even if what you replied wasn't islamically acceptable i still wanna hear it. (shorten the cuss words though ;) )

1. Once I got off a greyhound in Tucson,AZ (my hometown) and was waiting
for my father to pick me up and this ignorant man called across the parking lot
HERE!" I stood up glaring did the ungalant thing and flipped him off "I'M FROM

2. Waiting for a bus on my way home from school in late spring (which means
90's degreesF hot outside) and this middleaged woman is standing and i smile at
her and she gives a furtive smile. A few minutes pass as we stand silently
then she calls out "Aren't you hot in that thing?" I smile "Oh not at all,
it's blocking the sun from reaching my body. Especailly keeps my head
cool." She nodds and thinks about that as she stands in the sweltering heat and
every so often starts touching her hair to see how hot she's getting as I keep

3. My friend in the SCA (renn. re-enactment group) comes up to me the first day I'm wearing my hijab openly (after saying shahada only a week ago). "Oh, you look really Muslim" "I AM!" I replied smiling. She thought obvisously that I think I'm pretending to be a muslim for a character. "No honey, you LOOK LIKE A REAL MUSLIM!" She emphasized. "I AM A REAL MUSLIM. I CONVERTED LAST WEEK." I emphasized back...... silence ensued as the whole group overheard and had to think about that for a while. Then my other friend Amanda popped up "Cool! I like the scarf!" I sighed as everything went back to normal. No one said anything again and things went fine after that. (Love you Amanda!)

Yalla everyone I want lots of replies to help this sister out and others who just want to share the funny/difficult things that happend to them when wearing hijab. May Allah reward you for being brave. Ask your friends to add stories too. This will be a great collection. Post as many times as you like.

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Miss Muslimah said...

As'salaamu alaikumm!

This is a great idea!Your first story made me LOL....

May Allah reward YOU!Alhamdulillah for sisters like you... :-)

Anonymous said...

A fellow American Muslima and I went on vacation to Malaysia. She convinced my to wear hijab, though I don't normally wear it voluntarily.

In a hotel, the attendent took our suitcases and we all entered the elevator to go to the room. My friend and I chatted continuously, and the attendent said, "Oh, my! You two ladies speak very good English, indeed!"

Our hijab confused him. He didn't recognize us as Western women!

Anonymous said...

Well it was a scarf honey. You just had it wrapped like Hijab. And I love you too. But I can't remember who would say you "loom really muslim". Sounds like some stupid Jessica would say.

American Muslima Writer said...

Thanks Miss Muslimah! Anytime I can help I love to!

Marahm: That is hilarious because it shows because we dress "different" people think we are forigners. What did you reply?

Anon: Who is my friend she forgot to sign her name. You mean "LOOK really muslim". It was Sasha who doesn't play SCA anymore rememeber her?

iMuslimah said...

Hmm: my favorite comment would have to be, one made by a sonographer whilst i was patiently waiting to see my unborn baby. Mind you, my husband was NOT with me. She was not American (I am, typical white chick).

"So, I see your husband is Muslim"

Another fave:

"Can you take that thing off when you shower?"

Once at an appointment with my spouse:

"Which one of you is the immigrant?"


Great blog AMW!

Ma Salaama,


Anonymous said...

Salaam Sis,

I get more than the normal comments....I wear full comments don't really bother me...I know I look like a

American Muslima Writer said...

iMuslima those are fabulous. Esp, which one is the immigrant? What did you reply?

AngryMuslimah Oh come on habibi please share what you've been commented on and your replies I wanna hear them all!

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