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TV Limiting

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So ya'll may want an update on the whole TV issue. I banned it off until 6pm for everyone including myself. The first day went better than I expected I just stated there is a new rule and they took it well. BUt my daughter asked every fifteen minutes if it was 6 o'clock yet. I can live with that. We spent the time doing more family things like GASP actaully talk to each other! My husband spends more time playing with the kids and that's good for them. So it's working so far alhamdulillah!

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Miss Muslimah said...

For me,quitting tv was like going on a diet,I do go for awhile and im enthused,after awhile I start slipping,then when I slip I overdo
Im not saying it'll be like that for you guys,i hope not...but im just've been warned!Lol

Umm Ibrahim said...

Assalaamu alaikum,
Good on you, well done!
Gosh, what on earth do you find to talk about though?! (joke :p)

Susie of Arabia said...

What a brave thing to do, but admirable!!! Good luck with it. It must be like going through withdrawal!

Anonymous said...


Congrats......I think more mothers should do this........The things that comes from that little box.......TMI

Desert Princess said...

lol, thanks for stopping by on my blog :) I remember when my parents chucked out our TV when I was 11 altogether - was a traumatic experience BUT one that I'm thankful for as it meant I found more intellectually stimulating things to do instead and became an avid reader. Now the TV is back and I can see the difference in the siblings..

Yasmine said...

@ lol at Miss Muslimah's comment, "for me quitting tv was like going on a diet."

American Muslima Writer said...

hehehe yes it is hard to resist it. I give jummah when my hubby doesn't have work the free day for everyone to watch. Other days it is strictly limited to after 6pm. But I changed it a little recently because we got this new cartoon movie called Muhammad and I want her to feel it's special for her to learn about the time of the Prophet so only "Muslim" movies before 6pm. She likes the rule and follws it.
It's amazing the quality of conversation that has improved.
LMao Diet, yes all withdrawls are like that hehehe.
Wow desert princess, thanks because i was wondering if the withdrawls are too much for young kids to handle but as I see for you it was a good thing.
AM-Absolutly I first became disgusted after watching the haram music videos while flipping and every single chick was half naked and trying her best to seduce the camera/audience and every man was fully dressed in a glam suit talking about his whores. Why women have to be half naked to be heard yet men can wear full clothes....

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