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a 3year-olds perspective on life

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My daughter just said the cutest and most interesting thing to me a few mionutes ago have to post it lol.

"Mommy i gotta go potty!" she says coming up to me and pulling her dancing ball gown dress up to be tucked into the top so it wont get dirty. I tuck it but she continues, "You have to stay with me this time on our trip to the potty, because the potty is an adventure."

Laughter bubbled up inside of me. "Yes it IS an adventure darling."

Wow where did that come from hehehe. I supposed for a child going to the bathroom is an adventure and something new to do durring the daily routine that is surprisingly un-routine. A sudden urge, a mad dash to the parents, hopping around trying to get clothes undone, a mad dash to the potty with anxious parent behind, a last minute relief. I guess going potty is something exciting! For me it's been just another chore in a long list of things to do but today she sure changed my mind about that. It was just so cute how she said TRIP. As if we were journeying to Dubai today lol. Amazing.

How easily one can rethink a hundred things we have to do each day with a fresh perspective. How many more things would be so exciting. How we could make so many ordinary things an adventure.
cute potty party pic i found.. these parents went waaay overboard...

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ammena said...

kids say the most adorable things sometimes that really make you put things into perspective, then try to figure out where they heard these words :P

Habayeb said...

aww! kids sumtimes say the wisest of things which makes u think! subha'nallah.

UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

I remember when I was younger and went to a daycare after school, they used to literally tie the kids on the potty for like hours...not sure what happened if they went or not but hey really did have to sit there a long time

Anonymous said...

I recently learned of a woman in Chicago who claims she can teach potty training in one, at the most two, days.

She gathers the kids and at least one parent in a large room, replaces diapers with drawers,feeds them junk food to stimulate their lower parts, and encourages them to sit at one of the many pottys in the room, just like your photo.

Naturally, the kids don't get it at first, so the teacher makes them clean up their own mess. Just one or two clean-up sessions drives the lesson home.

I'd love to see this work in person!

American Muslima Writer said...

ammena lol true but most the time they heard it from their paretns or tv. i thin my daughter was watching too much dora where everything is adventures lol.

ummabdur-rahman OMG! Seriously? That is cruelty! How terrified those kids must have been. I'm sure most of them didn't go. If someone tied you to a potty today would you go? Probablly not!

Marahm that sounds interesting but not probible nor hygenic! And for parents to encourage this lady that feeding junk to kids is ok is wrong. There are other healthy alternatives to junk that produce laxative effect. I'm not critisinging you dear but her who thought this up sure it would be great if it worked in one day but i'm thinking those kids had many accidents on the road to success.

Hab: lol they sure do!

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