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Too much on my mind
too much to do
too much to think about
too much to say
too little time to say it all

I'll go crazy if I try...

So I gotta just consentrate on my issues and try to resolve some before having time to blog about the world.

5 intelligent thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

Insha'Allah everything will be resolved soon sweetie... take care and hugs xxx Umm Ibrahim

Amanda said...

I will pray that Allah will show you to your destiny and bring you peace. :) Miss you sister.

Anonymous said...

I'm BACK! I know.. it's been a while... life has gotten in the way, but I wanted to say thank you for all the love and support!


Hado said...

AMINA SWEETY!i've been tryin to talk 2 u for ages!it's weird writin 2 u on da blogger but anyway.inshallah everything's gonna be fine, wanted to say ramadan mubarak for u all and inshallah next ramadan we'll be together..Amin
love u sis....salam

American Muslima Writer said...

Thanks UmmIbrahim! :)

Thanks Amanda, I could use a night out with you and a very big cup of coffee...

Welcome Back Lush!

Salam Hado! I miss you too dearest. Inshallah Ramadan is going well for you too. I miss eating iftar with you guys... expect a call from your brother bragging about my Kousa Meshi ok! Hehee. sorry my messenger is crazy and NOT working still ugh! You can e-mail me anytime though Hado. I hope you're doing well :D Salam love u sis, Brandy

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