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Ramadan Crafts

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Here are some great links of crafts you can make for your family (even if you dont have kids) for Ramadan! I'm planning out a full crafting schedule because my daughter understands more about it this year since she'll be 4 soon. And my son will have his first memorable experience as he was too young to remember last years Ramadan. has a lot of links within of good sites. easy cool

Sadly the only other links i found lead back to these three. But use your imagination and then blog about it!!! Hehehee. Like I will make Ramadan paper chains in sparly colors for the kids to relize 30 days of ramadan and i'll make the masjid one and also we can make paper lanterns.
Also on shiny wrapping paper i made a ramadan banner and I get the christmas ribbon and tie lots of swirly ribbons all over the ceilings. I have a decor box Kabba that will be the centerpiece. I'm thinking to get lights this year so at night they can still feel the effects and have fun. I will try to post pictures and projects we make as we do them inshallah.
On LBC Lebanese Broadcast Company in ramadan they have cute songs i will try to see if youtube has them bcause they are great for kids.

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Anonymous said...

I can picture it already. It sounds beautiful. I love decorating. Yay crafts.


American Muslima Writer said...

Oh Amanda I wish you were here helping me with these crafts hehee. It took me a good 3.5 hours to do the ramadan banner and beleive me what a mess with two kids it made.... i coulda used your crafty hands dear. I miss you.

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