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Baring shoulders...fairy style

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My daughter has gotten obsessed with the fairy movies from Barbie Fairytopia. I thought it was innocent girly stuff until my daughter is changing her clothes 500 times a day. Refuses to wear pants under a short skirt, bares her shoulders in all clothes, demands short dresses not long ones, wants high heeled shoes why? SO SHE CAN LOOK LIKE A FAIRY!

Looks more like a hooker if you ask me... bared shoulders, short skirt, heels? SHE'S ONLY 3!!!!!! I'm so pissed off at Barbie, the fairies and worse myself. I should have screened the movies better. Arg.
A Learning Muslimah -Habayeb posted about the dressings of young girls too. I agree completely. Young girls today are wearing practically nothing and looking "oh so cute" as young adults (at the age under 11). I tried finding more appropriate Islamic clothes for my daughter last shopping session and could only find two long sleeved shirts (and one was see through so i have to put a shirt under it) and only one long floor length skirt of good price. I found 3 dozen spaghetti strapped tops and short skirts. Umm no thanks. i keep telling my daughter it's not allowed to wear clothes like the fairies wear that they aren't Muslims but she's so obsessed its like talking to a wall. I'm glad my DVD player broke so she can't watch it anymore..... onto new obsession Princess Anastasia who changes her long dresses a million times in the movie...*sigh*

I'm beginning to hate all movies and the fact my daughter can get into her closet. They should make some great children's movies that star great role model hijab wearing princess or something.... I do liek the fulla brand doll they have here to challenge Barbie. Fulla normally wears hijab and is middle eastern colored.

They even have praying Fulla that comes with prayer hijabs and a little carpet.

Masha'Allah. I'll be saving up my money for that instead of the midriff baring "sunburst" fairy doll.

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Yasmin said...

Assalaamu alaikum, I watched Fairytopia with my 4 year old cousin awhile ago and I kinda like it, well except for the clothes. I know how kids nowadays wanna imitate everything they see and hear. I see young girls wearing mini skirts, tube tops, and all these things and wonder how do their parents let them go out like that knowing that there are so many child predators out there looking just for that. It's a shame. Insha'Allah your daughter will grow out of it, kids usually do. Once they get tired of one thing they'll move on to the next. My husband always jokes around that if we ever have a daughter, insha'Allah that he's throwing out the t.v. and making her wear an abaya from day 1. But of course he isn't that serious. But they should make clothes that are a bit more modest for children and not make them look like street walkers.

Habayeb said...

I may have only islamic channels on my TV in my home...i hate these soaps we have today and yeah id definitely buy for my daughter fulla barbies insha'allah.

Aalia said...

I went thru this stage when I was younger... BTW Anastasia was (and still is) one of my favourite Disney Princess videos! Maybe me and your daughter can watch it together *lol*

And YES, I still watch Disney movies, okay :-D

L_Oman said...

In my case, my daughter wants to cover up alllll the time. She's quite the modest little thing and for me when we are within our boundary walls at home, I like to see her comfortable and will allow her to wear shorts (don't mistake with daisy dukes!) or knee length dresses / skirts. She's fine the first time (I think she does it just to make me happy), but after that she's back to her longer maxi dresses, pants, etc.

She watches all the disney / barbie movies so I'm stumped why she's not into wearing the fairy type clothes.

p.s. - I don't know if it's me, but I can't see the font on your blog - the background is red, but the font is black. Maybe it's my computer?

American Muslima Writer said...

yasmine thanks for your agreement and subhanAllah i liek the movie too but i didn't know it was gonna start this fashion monster in my daughter lol. I see nice abayas here in UAE for kids but i'm not sure how costly they are as usually its the locals who are wearing them. I'm not even sure the custom of what is allwoed and what is concidered "A'yb" "Shamful".

Hab that's good that you have only the islamic channels but how do you keep off those crudy channels like rotana? insha'Allah by the time your daughters are older there will be more selections than Fulla :D

American Muslima Writer said...

Aalia beleive me i love anastasia too don't get me wrong the disney movies are my fav to watch over and over but sometimes i just cringe at the messages they show being good. And my daughter asks is he good or bad and I'm struggling because even the good people are islamically bad soo its a toss up. lol. By the way my daughter not only watches it over and over she can pretty much recite the whole movie by heart and so when the tv is off her mouth turns on and she expects me to act out each scene with her... i'm thinking if she was as good at Qur'an as she is with movies she'd be a hafiz by now :D insha'Allah

L Oman mashallah you should quiz her about this because I'd like to know how to encourage my daughter to be liek this too hehehe. It's great she's naturally modest. WIll save you heartache later heh.
ps:i guess it's your pc maybe try re-loading it a few times. i dunno i never heard that before :(

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

I've noticed that a lot of parents in this part of the world tend to objectify their young daughters. Perhaps some a living vicariously?

always in the kitchen said...

I've been sewing my daughters clothes,mostly because most of what I find I find to buy is awful.Even her dress up clothes,simplicity has a nice fairy princess cinderella pattern...or you can get patterns here They have nice childrens patterns,a muti gore skirt pattern for moms thats to die for...

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