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European Muslims

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There is a big story in the lives of European Muslims and that's a story I'm dying to work with. They come from all over the world into the land of "traditional Christianity" or have converted to Islam having lived there all their lives. These people intrigue me, Europe intrigues me, the story of their lives intrigues me..... I dream of the chance to go there and discover their world.
My ancestry comes from Scotland. I'd love to live there for a while and learn about how the Muslims there are changing everyday Scotland. My husband prefers to see Austria which i researched has a small but good population of Muslims.
I'm thinking very seriously about these ideas and what I can do to write about them in the future.

To all nomad dreamers out there: Isn't it amazing that all of us dreaming of the chance to do what is a huge wish in our heart yet not finding the way? I think if you want something bad enough you will find the way to achieve it no matter the lengths you have to go to to get them. My life feels like a major example of this but everything I always wanted I achieved with great effort and something I didn't achieve was because I didn't put enough effort into it. I have two kids myself and yet I'm striving with all my brains to think of a way to make this happen for me. sure it would take sacrifice and determination but I can do those. I have those. You all do to. Don't let regular boundaries of society stand in your way to make something that is your dream happen. I'm talking generally too not just about traveling. There are many things in life worth striving for if you have the determination to get there.

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kochumanavalan said...


Came across your blog via BSS & BRN. Interesting to see the viewpoint of a Western Muslim.

Recently an Interfaith Dialog concept actively promoted by the Saudi authorities resulted in a meeting of several religions & countries' representatives at Madrid, Spain.

The Saudi monarch, King Abdullah, made a moving opening speech in which he spoke of the need for mutual respect for each others'religions, and so on. Currently in Saudi Arabia, Bibles (and other non-Islamic religious books) are banned, and places of worship do not exist for any religion other than Islam. Sometimes Christians try to meet together for prayer secretly in private houses, but pretty soon they are busted by the police, and all males are immediately arrested, locked up and tortured.

Most Muslims I know don't agree with this approach, but now it seems the Saudi King is also getting the idea. Let's hope there is some hope now for Christians and others in his country.

Meanwhile, a few days ago (Aug 12th)one came across this in the Gulf News:

I'm glad you have turned on comment moderation for your blog. This helps you review what people write before allowing them to appear.

Best Regards.

Umm Ibrahim said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

History of Islam and early converts in Europe is an interesting topic I'd like to cover also.

It's interesting reading about Abdullah Quilliam, M M Pickthall and other converts in the late 19th C and also the first mosques built in England, in Liverpool and Woking.

Habayeb said...

I really wanna visit Europe! I love places who have so much history behind them.ahhh insha'allah ONE day with hubster :p

American Muslima Writer said...

kochumanavalan:"Sometimes Christians try to meet together for prayer secretly in private houses, but pretty soon they are busted by the police, and all males are immediately arrested, locked up and tortured."
Umm can you link me with some source for this accusation because although i HAVE heard of no churches in Saudio I've never heard before that people were locked up and tortured for praying together in their own homes...seems a little far fetched so please give me some proof through articles or something about this.
Welcome to my blog though I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to more of your commetns!
ALthough I have comemtn moderation I've only needed it a few times to actaully not post something that was too negative. I guess I don't post too much controversy so things don't get too riled up in here alhamdulliah. Thanks for popping by and come again! :)

American Muslima Writer said...

Umm Ibrahim, Wow Excellent! Thanks for the links too I'l check them out soon insha'ALlah! I'm glad we share an interest in this.

Hab: Heheh I'm sure if you search just right you'll find the way to get to Europe one day and have a peek around :D ONE DAY!

Anonymous said...

I have attached an article about Ukrainian reverts to Islam that I found interesting. I am from Romania and I have found very few reverts among the Romanian population but lots of conversion efforts from neo-Protestant churches in Turkish-Romanian areas in the east as well as Rroma (gypsy) Muslim communities. The Muslim community in Eastern Europe is in a precarious position after coming out from decades of state sponsored atheism many of the youth are having to learn their faith from scratch.

Anonymous said...

Early Europeans did not convert to Islam willingly.

Islamic invadors (e.g. the Ottoman empire, along many others) forced Europeans to convert (either convert or die). Many Europeans decided that they would rather be tortured to death than become Muslims, but others converted. These are the European Muslims that you see today.

However, they are not Muslims in the real sense of the word, they are not very religious (they don't wear hijab, they don't go to the mosque, don't follow Ramadan). They are very offended when someone refers to them/their country as Muslim/Islamic because the pain that their ancestors suffered resurfaces.

For example, records show that Albania is majority Muslim. That's not true, most Albanians do not consider themselves Muslim. Ask them and they'll answer "Albanians' religion is Albanianism".

PS: I apologize if any of my comment is deemed as offensive--I was simply citing history.

American Muslima Writer said...

Subhan'Allah Adela thanks for this comment and link I'm checking it out right now! That's so sad that they have to struggle so hard but insha'Allah they will gain greater reward! Subhan'Allah i wish i could go there and talk to people about this. It would be amazing to learn more. Thank you so much for sharing and giving us this link :)

American Muslima Writer said...

Anon: I was sorly tempted not to publish your comment because re-stating history from this slant can be concidered offensive to many. Yes some poeple died reather than convert, but so did Muslims die rather than convert to Christianity. There has been a lot of blood shed on many sides in the name of faith.

Sure maybe some who were forced without feeling in their heart no longer practice the faith of Islam but I think you generalize that ALL those who were forced to convert are not practicing. I'm sure some opened up to their new-found faith once they learned the real meanings behind the messages. Islam IS about peace and there IS no compulsion in religion. It is not Islam's fault that some poeple practice our religion wrong and sometimes hurt others in the proccess it is their fault and it is their permanant mark on history that will linger on.

I think the ALbanians need to work on their definitions better of what their core beleifs are, if they are not in line with the core of Islam then they are not Muslims. Yet, if they have faith in ONE God with no partners who exists without a place then this is leading them towards the right path and they shoudl do more soul searching. I would love to go there and see the real state of people's minds about this. I'm sure not all harbor such animosity towards their past.
I thank you for your comments and if anyone else has soemthing to add I'd appreciate it.

Fara said...

Salam 'alaykum Mrs. Chase,

I found you through Ijtema (A'yb - Shame). Thank you for writing such an insightful, interesting post!

Any new perspective on seeing a culture always interests me - maybe because I am living a mixed culture myself.

I am Indonesian - my husband is Eastern-Europe native (Bosnian). We both are practising alhamdulillah, and were born muslim, but I personally have friends from various parts of the world who just converted to Islam - Russian, Serbian, Macedonian, Chinese, Australian... simply because they believe Islam is the true religion, and can't deny the beauty of it :)

In my husband's homeland Bosnia, there is also an increasing interest to return to Islam - particularly among the young generation.

Please kindly keep writing! I have decided to be your loyal reader ;-)

May Allah bless you and your family,

Warmest salam :)


American Muslima Writer said...

Fara thank you for your interesting comment about the dynamics of other countries i appreciate your insights! Thanks for liking my blog and you are always welcome here. :)

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