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Muslim Thoughts?

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When moving to a new country what are some of the first things you'd be interested in reading about concerning your new residence?
About the Culture? People? Lands? Attractions? Job Availability? Local Muslim Community and people there-in? Where the Masjid is?

Your answers will help me a lot with a certain thought process I'm in the middle of -and currently unable to solve. So warm up your typing fingers and let me hear your great thoughts.

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ammena said...

currently in the midst of moving to a not so new country (my homeland) Im thinking about residence too, and the main things Im thinking about is how close it will be to mine and hubbies jobs (we currently dont have the jobs, hence why im not actively looking yet) and I do wonder if it will be close to the masjid, I would like it to be close so I can be involved (if its a good mosque)I know it will be away from family so probably I would like somewhere where i can easily get to the major train stations to travel to the north insha'allah.

Life of Arab Woman said...

I would be interested in the culture, which reflects how people think, and behave with others. also, interested in schools. My biggest challenge now :)
I can always teach my daughter about Islam at home.

American Muslima Writer said...

Ammena: Masha'Allah I hope everything works out well for you in your move. That is a heafty amount to think about for sure!
Thanks for your input.

Arab Woman: You can always teach your daughter ANYTHING at home. Google Muslim Homeschooling :) If you've got the will and time to accomplish this it would be very rewarding for you and your children.
Thanks for your input! I too like to know how that culture thinks it is amazing how people are so differnt but inheritently the same.

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